The rest of the video clips from Comic-Con

LOST Season 6 promo poster, shown at Comic-Con

LOST Season 6 promo poster, shown at Comic-Con

When a fan first posted video on YouTube which showed the whole LOST event at Comic-Con, ABC asked that the parts showing the video segments played during the panel be removed.

Those segments are now showing up separately on YouTube. But they might get pulled too, so enjoy them while you can.

I think this is all of them, except for the one showing the winner of the theme song contest, but if I find any more, I will post them.

This is an ad for Lost University. Enrollment begins on September 22:

This is Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative, a fake quasi-documentary TV show (a take-off on Unexplained Mysteries?) narrated in conspiracy-theory tones. It’s the first in a series, and ABC will be releasing more.

They revealed the promo poster for Season 6:

Here’s a montage of fan-created content, some of it very funny:

Here’s another funny one, Michael Emerson’s fake audition tape for the role of Hurley:

Here are two fake ads which, along with the Kate on America’s Most Wanted clip, seem to have come from an alternate timeline. In the first, Hurley appears as the owner and CEO of Mr. Cluck’s, a fast-food chicken place, plugging a new dish inspired by his “recent trip to Australia.” Best line: “Ever since I won the lottery, I’ve had nothing but good luck.” The other ad is from Oceanic Airlines (motto “Our skies lead to your destiny”), proudly proclaiming “30 years with a perfect safety record.”

This video, done in the style of the annual tribute on the Oscars to notable people who have passed away, is “In Memory of” LOST characters who have died. The longest tribute is to Charlie, which may very well be meant as a tease, if the rumors that Charlie is coming back are true.

The promo poster is from Lostpedia.

Videos are from latestlost, Imager123, Tostie14, ODI TV Spoilers, Laezydaezy, and TVOvermind.

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