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Are you lost about LOST? Are the mysteries too mysterious? Not sure if something is a plot twist or a continuity error? Post your questions below, and Ms. Terri will flip a coin find an answer.

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  1. Will there be any more “LOST: Untangled” posted here?>???

  2. Dear Mandy,

    For reasons known only to themselves, ABC did not make a LOST Untangled for the Season Finale!

    The last full LOST Untangled was for Episode 5×15 Follow The Leader.

    They did make a 16-second teaser for the finale, which I’ve just posted here: Last LOST Untangled for Season 5.

    Yours in LOSThood,
    Ms Terri

    • Update! I was digging around a little more, and found out that at the very end of the LOST Untangled for 5×15 Follow the Leader, the narrator says “Come back here [meaning the ABC site] in three weeks for our biggest, our baddest, and most amazing episode [of LOST Untangled] to date.”

      5×15 was on May 6, so three weeks from then would be — yesterday!!

      So far, there is nothing up on the ABC site, but I’ll keep an eye open in case something shows up.

      Update # 2: It’s going to be a music video.

      Update # 3: They released it on June 5. Better late than never! Lost Untangled Finale Event

  3. Do we have any idea what really happened to Claire? After she turned up in Jacob’s cabin with Jack’s father, I got really confused about what her role in the whole island mystery is.

  4. wondering who is shown in the poster–can’t seem to identify all shown

  5. where can i order the season 6 poster?

  6. Alfredo Gonzalez

    How do I get in contact with JJ Abrams? (question moved from Contact page — Ms T)

  7. Ms Terri
    Any comments on the two ” Lost” Supper photos and why they are so different with the placement of characters?

  8. Ms Terri,
    The site is showing the Lost Last Supper photos and more fun videos. Love your site. Jan. 26 Lost tv Recap was enhanced answering many questions……please prevent my email address from showing on your site.
    Thanks .

  9. Hi Geri. Thanks for your kind words. I hope to get a chance in the next few days to write about the Last Supper photos and the enhanced Season 5 finale — and also maybe get in one last theory before Season 6 begins.

    Your email address shouldn’t be showing up on any public portion of the blog — WordPress is supposed to take care of that automatically. You can always leave that part of the comment form blank, if you’d prefer.

  10. Okay- I know this is weird, but- A lot of characters have been killed since the show began- and tracking them across the alphabet, the only letters missing are Q, U, V and Z. Have characters with these initials already been killed and I just missed them?

    • Do you mean looking at the initials of the first and the last names? I can’t think of any character off-hand, dead or alive, who has the initials Q, U, V, or Z.

  11. Do you know if Ken Leung has an Official Website or his contact info, Email address?…..He was in Hawaii last week at Tripler Hospital doing a Meet and Greet with the Soldiers here and he wanted a picture with a couple of soldiers with the flag in it, and the only picture that was taken was on my camera then he got drug away….so I’m trying to find a way to let him know if he still wanted the picture I could get it to him….thanks for any help

    • Ken Leung seems to keep a very low profile online — no Twitter, no official site, no publicly-available email.

      You could write to him c/o the LOST production company — they forward mail to the actors:

      Touchstone Television
      500 South Buena Vista
      Production Building
      Burbank, CA 91521

      Good luck! I hope you’re able to send him the photo!

  12. Thanks, I’ll do that, does the LOST production company have an email address as well?……an also what about Jorge Garcia? I ask because he was there too with Mr. Leung and he would know what I’m talking about with the picture and maybe I could also try that route through him….Thanks

    • The snail-mailing address for Touchstone is what ABC gives out to people who want to get in touch with the LOST actors, and my understanding is that they really will forward the mail they receive. You might also try sending something via ABC’s Audience Relations online contact form, though that seems to be meant mostly for questions and comments about programming.

      Jorge Garcia has a blog — Dispatches From the Island. Maybe he would respond if you left a comment there. He does give his contact address, on the blog, as being c/o Grass Skirt Productions (another one of the LOST production companies) in Hawaii.

  13. Please can someone tell me, besides the internet, are there any rebroadcasts of 5/18 before finale

    • I don’t think so. I think it’s just online, on Hulu and, at least if you’re in the U.S. You might want to check your local listings anyway, because sometimes they can be different.

  14. Just wondering if anyone found out who is doing the voice for the finale trailer. Sounds like a very old woman.

  15. Ms Terri…According to my TV Guide, Comcast guide and Yahoo guide, ABC is rebroadcasting the LOST finale “The End” on Saturday, May 29 from 8 to 10:05 pm. The Kimmel special follows. Of course, I’m curious. The finale was 2 hrs 30 min. I have to watch just to see what they cut. What a great flow of information you’ve got going. Keep up the good work (words).

    • Thanks so much Geri for the nice words, and thanks for the heads up about the rerun. Hopefully, what they cut will be some of the commercials!

  16. Does anyone know the name of the theme song that played for the first 3 minutes of the Final Journey recap show?

  17. Is this blog about the reason of LOST?

    I thought the show was about reason, rational thought. The light was identity, expressed by the identity principal a=a, the primary example of which is existence exists. The narative is the continuity of the rational mind. The source is identity and the river is the river of individuals who have preserved the human race and rational thought. The island is reality. Everyone arrives there ‘by accident’ from ‘accross the sea’. False Locke is mysticism and collectivism.

    Am I way off base? Why is no one talking about the reasons? The rational view that ‘everything that happens here happens for a reason’ and that we needed ‘everything that happened’ to get where we are, talking about LOST.

  18. Who manufactured the tan messenger bag used by Ben? It’s details are plain to see in the ‘epilogue’ from season 6. I want to buy one, but don’t have $3,300 to cough up for the original.

    Thanks, Alex

    • According to this site there was a Fossil logo on the bag, which would have been a blooper.

      Ben had several different bags, though, and I don’t know which one they were referring to. Three different bags were sold at the auction.

      • The one I am more specifically referring to is the Tan Canvas Messenger Bag with the Red/Back/White Plaid lining that was used in the Epilogue “New Man in Charge.” You can see it plainly when Ben removes the 3-ring binder or Orientation Film DVDs.

        Thanks, Alex

        • Well, your question prompted me to watch the Epilogue, which I actually hadn’t seen before. Nice bag! And, yay, Waaaaaaalt! 😉

          I’m stumped on who made the bag, though. Sorry. Maybe you could try asking in the Lostpedia forums.

  19. Are Jin and Sun really speaking Korean it sounds like Japanese?

    Why does Jack have Chinese characters on his tattoo when he got it in Puket Tailand?

    • The questions surrounding Jack’s tattoos have apparently never been conclusively answered. Lostpedia has some interesting discussion about the tattoos, as well as the theories about them.

      Jin and Sun really are speaking Korean. Some people have criticized Daniel Dae Kim’s Korean accent and his choice of words and phrases (though the latter would be the writers’ fault). Kim has said in interviews that his Korean was rusty. He was born in Korea but came to the U.S. when he was only two years old. He spoke only Korean at home until he was about six or seven and then started speaking English at school. He said his comprehension of Korean was still good, but he got rusty in making the sounds. After he began working on LOST, he started speaking Korean a lot more with his parents and sought out Korean-speaking friends and relatives for more practice.

      Yunjin Kim’s Korean accent, on the other hand, has been described as “pitch perfect.”

  20. Any comment on my running analysis at the page I linked? AFAIK, nobody else got even close to the real goings-on under the surface of “Lost”. And I doubt I would’ve come close had I not had certain interactions years earlier with its creator.

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