Titus Welliver (LOST’s Man in Black) in “Touch”

Titus Welliver LOST The Incident 5x16

The Man in Black

Titus Welliver played a key role in the pilot of Touch, a role that was all wrapped up in the show’s numbers.  And, according to an interview he gave several months ago, he will be coming back. 

If you missed the Pilot, you can watch it now on Hulu.

Warning: spoilers (if you haven’t seen the Pilot) after the jump:

Titus Welliver LOST The Incident 5x16

Titus Welliver in LOST

Touch Pilot Randy looking at wall of lottery tickets

Titus Welliver in "Touch" as Randall Meade, looking at ...

Randy Meade Titus Welliver Pilot episode

... his wall of lottery tickets.

Pilot episode Randall Meade

Later, he is handcuffed on the train station floor

Titus plays Randall (Randy) Meade, who wins the lottery, Hurley-like, by playing a set of significant numbers.

Touch, though, unlike LOST, lets us know right away what Randall’s lottery numbers mean — and those numbers connect him to the wife of Martin Bohm, the main character played by Kiefer Sutherland — the wife assumed to be dead, though perhaps she might not be.

The other recurring number that ties Randall to all the events of the Pilot is 318. For that number, we’ll have to wait longer for an explanation.

Titus’s role was a significant one in the Pilot, but he was listed as a guest star, not a member of the regular cast. However, in an interview with I Am Rogue back in January, he had this to say:

[Kiefer Sutherland’s character and I] cross paths for sure and we’ll continue to do so. For how long I don’t know. I don’t know precisely what they have in mind; I only know that I don’t disappear after the pilot. There’s a larger story afloat. But I’m going to return to Touch.

The Pilot was billed as a “preview,” but it’s really the first episode. The show will settle into its regular timeslot (Thursdays at 9 PM) on March 22, 2012.

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