LOST on Brokeback Island

A bit of this was excerpted in the Comic-Con montage of fan-made movies. Here’s the whole thing. Very clever editing!

Video by crazymol4588

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7 responses to “LOST on Brokeback Island

  1. Amazing what a little creative editing and splicing can do. Make it look like almost anything you want someone to believe actually happened. 🙂

  2. Ha. If it really did happen, and we could add Jack w/Sawyer to the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet love quadrangle, that would make it a love pentagon — which would provide enough material to fuel a soap opera for years! 😉

    I’m very impressed with the editing — both the picture and the sound. Did you catch where Sawyer said “Jack” right before Kate slapped him? Comedy gold.

  3. Yes, it was very impressive editing. It almost makes me want to get a hold of the dvd with that particular episode on it (kate/sawyer kissing – sawyer says Jack) just to refresh my memory. 😀

  4. I’ve got a clip of that right here on the blog –> Kate and Sawyer kiss (scroll down a bit for the video). Actually that one stops just before the slap — though it includes what Sawyer really said instead of “Jack.” 😉 You can see a longer clip of the kiss scene, including the slap, here –> extended scene.

    I think I know too much about where to locate clips of Sawyer and Kate kissing. 😉

  5. 😀 Thanks. I’d forgotten the circumstances of why he was tied up.

    We all have to be an expert in something, right? 😀

  6. LOL…slash fans can make anything happen…mwahahah. That is priceless. Fantastic job on the editing, though there’s always been enough subtext in Lost to play with. After all, Sawyer’s not afraid to be shirtless in front of anyone…lol.

    And I honestly had no interest in Sawyer until that first kiss with Kate. G-guh. Too much sizzle to ignore!

  7. Sawyer could probably be paired off with anyone in the show — just pick a random character out of a hat — and the relationship would sizzle.

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