Kate on ‘America’s Most Wanted’

Kate on "America's Most Wanted"

Kate on "America's Most Wanted"

In this fake episode of America’s Most Wanted, shown at yesterday’s Comic-Con LOST panel, the show’s host claims that the night Kate blew up her father’s house, her father wasn’t there, but instead had sent his apprentice, Ryan Milner, to the house to lock up. It was Ryan, the host says, not Kate’s father Wayne, who was killed in the explosion.

What to make of this? I see three possibilities:

1. The video does not provide reliable information about the show — it is not “canon.” Comic-con videos have misled fans in the past, or

2. The writers led us to believe that Kate killed Wayne, but that may have been a clever bit of misdirection, prompting us to jump to conclusions that may not have actually been in the script. (Maybe someone who has a better memory than I do of the early shows can confirm if this is even possible), or

3. Kate did kill Wayne and there was no misdirection, but the America’s Most Wanted video came from an alternate (parallel?) time, one which we may enter in Season 6.

Video is by Jopinionated from DocArzt and TV Overmind.

Speaking of TV Overmind, I recently contributed an article there, about the hunkalicious Gilles Marini, of “Sex and the City” and “Dancing With the Stars” fame, who is now exploring a new talent: Gilles Marini Finds His Voice

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  1. holly yellowman

    but i love the show so mush and lost people going to die and love one going to save the kids
    and love them so mush .

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