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Naveen Andrews is coming back to U.S. television

Sayid in 6x10 The Package

Sayid in LOST episode 6×10 (The Package)

Naveen Andrews (Sayid on LOST) will be playing a villain on the new TV show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which is a spin-off of the show Once Upon a Time, now entering its third season.

Once Upon a Time has many ties with LOST. Naveen is the last in a long line of LOST alumni to appear on a Once show. LOST actors in the cast of the original Once are Emilie de Ravin (Claire on LOST, now playing a major role in Once as Belle), Jorge Garcia (Hurley on LOST, has an occasional guest role as a giant on Once), Lana Parrilla (has a starring role in Once as Regina, the Evil Queen / had a guest role in LOST playing an Other named Greta in two Season 3 episodes — she was one of the two women who tied up Charlie in the underwater Looking Glass station), and Alan Dale (Charles Widmore on LOST, has a recurring guest role as King George on Once).

In addition, the creators of Once and Once:Wonderland were writers on LOST, and Once often tosses in LOST references to amuse people who are fans of both shows. I wonder if Once:Wonderland will do the same.

This is going to be the first time that Naveen will have a role on U.S. television in a television show produced in the United States since he played Sayid. His character on Once:Wonderland will be Jafar, the villain in Disney’s Alladin, and he’ll be appearing on Wonderland from the first episode, which airs on Thursday, October 10 at 8 p.m.

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Emilie de Ravin is back — playing Belle in “Once Upon a Time”

Emilie de Ravin (Claire) in Lighthouse LOST 6x05

Scary Claire in LOST 6x05 "Lighthouse"

Poor Claire was in bad shape in the last season of LOST, with her scraggly hair, squirrel baby, and ax-killing ways. ┬áNow Emilie de Ravin will get to clean up and look pretty again for a new role — on Once Upon a Time, which has become the hit drama of the new fall season. Continue reading

New “Once Upon a Time” blog

Check out my new Once Upon a Time blog.

What did you think of Episode 2 of “Once Upon a Time”? (poll)

Once Upon a Time Episode 1x02 The Thing You Love Most,

Regina (Lana Parrilla) in Season 1 Episode 2, "The Thing You Love Most," aired Oct. 30, 2011

The pilot of “Once Upon a Time” is being rerun tonight

Once Upon a Time promo photo

"Once Upon a Time" promo photo

ABC is rerunning the pilot at 7:00 pm tonight (Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011). The new show (Episode 2 “The Thing You Love Most”) will start at the regular time, 8:00 pm.

Mystery solved: Geronimo Jackson reference found in “Once Upon a Time”

Earlier, I had written that I couldn’t find the rumored Geronimo Jackson reference in the Once Upon a Time pilot.

Cheeks, an eagle-eyed commenter with a cool blog, solved the mystery.

There was a Geronimo Jackson reference, and it was on the back of Emma’s car, but it wasn’t in a long sticker on the bumper — it was in a small sticker in the bottom left corner of the rear window. And it wasn’t the Geronimo Jackson logo that I had been looking for —

Geronimo Jackson logo Lost

— but it was a picture of a rabbit skull, which Lostpedia says became an emblem of the band after it appeared on the cover art of their Dharma Lady album.

Geronimo Jackson rabbit Dharma Lady Lost

Album cover for "Dharma Lady"

The resolution on my computer isn’t very good, but you can sort of see it here:

Geronimo Jackson rabbit on back of Emmas car in Once Upon a Time

Rabbit in rear window of Emma's VW

This has got to be the most obscure and hardest-to-find LOST reference in the Once Upon a Time pilot. The other LOST references contained much better known LOST symbols shown in far more visible spots. If this ever comes up as a trivia question some day, we’ll nail it.

No Germonimo Jackson reference in the “Once Upon a Time” pilot?

Editing to add 10/28: The mystery has been solved. See this post: Geronimo Jackson reference found.

Original post:

Before the pilot aired, various press reports said there would be a Geronimo Jackson bumper sticker in the pilot as a reference to LOST.

I didn’t see it. If you did, please let us know where. Here’s a shot of the back of Emma’s car (which seems the most likely place a bumper sticker would be) right after the encounter with Henry’s psychiatrist (aka Jiminy Cricket) — with no bumper sticker to be seen.

Emma's car Once Upon a Time pilot

Back of Emma's car

I wonder if they originally intended to show the bumper sticker in that shot and then changed their minds. There doesn’t seem to be much other reason to have shown the back of the car.

There were a lot of other LOST references in the pilot, which you can see here: LOST shout-outs in “Once Upon a Time”

What did you think of the pilot? Vote in the poll.

Haven’t watched the pilot yet? You can see it online without commercials on IMDB. It’s also on the ABC official site with limited commercials.

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