Emilie de Ravin is back — playing Belle in “Once Upon a Time”

Emilie de Ravin (Claire) in Lighthouse LOST 6x05

Scary Claire in LOST 6x05 "Lighthouse"

Poor Claire was in bad shape in the last season of LOST, with her scraggly hair, squirrel baby, and ax-killing ways.  Now Emilie de Ravin will get to clean up and look pretty again for a new role — on Once Upon a Time, which has become the hit drama of the new fall season.

TV Guide reported this afternoon that de Ravin has been cast as Belle, the beauty in Beauty and the Beast.

De Ravin is the second LOST actor announced as being in the show, which is already strongly identified with LOST because its creators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, were LOST writer/producers. The first LOST actor announced as being on OUAT was Alan Dale (Charles Widmore on LOST), who was cast to play Prince Charming’s father.

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Lana Parrilla as Greta in LOST

Lana Parrilla as Greta in LOST 3x22 "Through the Looking Glass"

Editing to add 11/9/11:  There is actually a third LOST alum in OUAT. (Thanks to commenter Geri for catching this.)  Lana Parrilla, who plays the evil queen and the Storybrooke mayor in Once Upon a Time, had a small role in Season 3 of LOST, appearing in two episodes as Greta, one of the Others in the underwater Looking Glass station who tied up and interrogated Charlie.

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