Mystery solved: Geronimo Jackson reference found in “Once Upon a Time”

Earlier, I had written that I couldn’t find the rumored Geronimo Jackson reference in the Once Upon a Time pilot.

Cheeks, an eagle-eyed commenter with a cool blog, solved the mystery.

There was a Geronimo Jackson reference, and it was on the back of Emma’s car, but it wasn’t in a long sticker on the bumper — it was in a small sticker in the bottom left corner of the rear window. And it wasn’t the Geronimo Jackson logo that I had been looking for —

Geronimo Jackson logo Lost

— but it was a picture of a rabbit skull, which Lostpedia says became an emblem of the band after it appeared on the cover art of their Dharma Lady album.

Geronimo Jackson rabbit Dharma Lady Lost

Album cover for "Dharma Lady"

The resolution on my computer isn’t very good, but you can sort of see it here:

Geronimo Jackson rabbit on back of Emmas car in Once Upon a Time

Rabbit in rear window of Emma's VW

This has got to be the most obscure and hardest-to-find LOST reference in the Once Upon a Time pilot. The other LOST references contained much better known LOST symbols shown in far more visible spots. If this ever comes up as a trivia question some day, we’ll nail it.

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3 responses to “Mystery solved: Geronimo Jackson reference found in “Once Upon a Time”

  1. Have a lot of hope for the show. Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to hold my attention and does well in the ratings. Thanks for the plug. Putting this one in my faves now.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I’ve got my fingers crossed too. It’s got a lot of potential, but it all depends on where they go with it. So far, it’s my favorite new show of the season.

  3. This is weird. I took the screenshot, above, of the back of Emma’s car from the IMDB video. It was right after the scene where Emma and Henry first arrived in Storybrooke, where Henry was talking to his psychiatrist, standing outside the car. (It’s at 18:08 on the IMDB video).

    Last night, when they reran the Pilot on TV, I was keeping an eye out for the shot of the departing car because I wanted to see if the sticker would look clearer on the TV screen than it looked on my computer (which is a netbook that doesn’t show HD).

    But the shot of the car leaving wasn’t there.

    Unless my eyes were deceiving me, they had taken the shot out.

    I wonder if they needed to cut something for more time (for more commercials?), and chose that shot as it wasn’t necessary for the story.

    (Edited to add 11/18/11) The sticker was there, and easier to see, in subsequent episodes. Sometimes you can see it in shots from the inside of the car looking out.

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