No Germonimo Jackson reference in the “Once Upon a Time” pilot?

Editing to add 10/28: The mystery has been solved. See this post: Geronimo Jackson reference found.

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Before the pilot aired, various press reports said there would be a Geronimo Jackson bumper sticker in the pilot as a reference to LOST.

I didn’t see it. If you did, please let us know where. Here’s a shot of the back of Emma’s car (which seems the most likely place a bumper sticker would be) right after the encounter with Henry’s psychiatrist (aka Jiminy Cricket) — with no bumper sticker to be seen.

Emma's car Once Upon a Time pilot

Back of Emma's car

I wonder if they originally intended to show the bumper sticker in that shot and then changed their minds. There doesn’t seem to be much other reason to have shown the back of the car.

There were a lot of other LOST references in the pilot, which you can see here: LOST shout-outs in “Once Upon a Time”

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Haven’t watched the pilot yet? You can see it online without commercials on IMDB. It’s also on the ABC official site with limited commercials.

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5 responses to “No Germonimo Jackson reference in the “Once Upon a Time” pilot?

  1. Lower left side of the back windshield is the Geronimo Jackson “Dharma Lady” CD Single sticker, it’s just the rabbit not the entire picture as seen here –

  2. It looks like the writing on Emma’s door is the cost/ price of spells in British pence.

    “foyer 192.19 (something) (in?)sertion 304.1 opening 265.7 door (something) 302.6 entrance cast a spell 1030 (something) fascinate 650.6 captivate (something) spellbinding cast a spell beguile (beguiling?) (something) transport” etc . . . The prices get more expensive as the spells get more complicated. Cute door. Nice writing.

  3. Great catches, Cheeks and Verbena! Thanks.

  4. Emma last name is the same as the SWAN station from LOST. The Evil Queen was Greta (one of the others in the submarine station). The bus station in Boston is called Austin Street Station (reference Kate Austin from LOST). Henry is also the name Ben used when he was young (remember Henry Gale?). Remember when Dr. Whale asked Mary Margret on the dinner date about her wanting 15 kids? (15 was Sawyer’s number in the cave and on the lighthouse wheel on LOST). How’s that????

  5. What’s on Emma’s door are thesaurus entries. “Entrance” can mean a door or foyer. As a verb, it can mean cast a spell, captivate, etc.

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