Emma’s door in the “Once Upon a Time” pilot

A lot of people are wondering what was written on Emma’s door.

Last night, @OnceABC (the official Twitter account for the show) tweeted:

Emma’s door in the pilot says “to cast a spell.” It was actually on the door of the set they used so they left it.

It looks like it says a lot more than that though. Maybe these are the complete instructions for casting that spell?

Emmas door in the Once Upon a Time pilot

Emma's door

Emmas door in Once Upon a Time pilot

Another shot of Emma's door

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7 responses to “Emma’s door in the “Once Upon a Time” pilot

  1. I got a much better screen capture of that on my iPad watching the HD version from iTunes. It includes words and phrases like enrapture, transport, mesmerize, spellbound, cast a spell, entranced, overjoyed, dreamy, fascinate, captivate and beguile. Scattered among the words are four- or five-digit numbers with the last one or two digits after a decimal point, such as 650.6 and 535.25. I have a feeling those numbers relate to the words that follow them in some way. I am intrigued. I know ABC says the door just happened to be there on the set they used, but it certainly fits in, don’t you think?

  2. I agree. It’s a great fit, and I wonder if ABC is pulling our leg with their story of how it “just happened” to be there.
    Verbena Bay, a commenter on another post, thought that the numbers might be the price of the spells in British pence, which sounds VERY plausible. This was the comment:

    It looks like the writing on Emma’s door is the cost/ price of spells in British pence.

    “foyer 192.19 (something) (in?)sertion 304.1 opening 265.7 door (something) 302.6 entrance cast a spell 1030 (something) fascinate 650.6 captivate (something) spellbinding cast a spell beguile (beguiling?) (something) transport” etc . . . The prices get more expensive as the spells get more complicated. Cute door. Nice writing.

    Interesting. I bet that’s it.

  3. Thesaurus entries. “Entrance” can mean a door or foyer. As a verb, it can mean cast a spell, captivate, etc.

  4. the numbers could mean the references numbers to fairy tales according to ATU index wiki it to know which ones they are refering to.. i think they are lying about it too!

  5. Folks, they’re thesaurus entries with the numbers in the categorization scheme. Geez, I know I’m old, and no one uses a thesaurus anymore, but doesn’t anyone recognize synonyms when they see them? “Entrance” with the stress on the first syllable: door, way, ingress, foyer. “Entrance” with the stress on the second syllable: captivate, fascinate, spellbind. Think about it.

  6. …lol. Nice.

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