New LOST bobble heads — Sawyer, Desmond, Jack, and Dr. Arzt

LOST may be long over, but new products keep on coming.

Four new bobble heads from Bif Bang Pow! are available for pre-order — although at this point, it looks like they won’t actually be shipped until June, 2011.

Lost Sawyer Bobble Head

The Sawyer bobble head has our nickname-loving hero wearing a shirt (alas!) and a jacket. For some reason, he is holding a gun — I’m not sure what scene this is referencing. He is also holding the letter that played such a poignant role in Season 1.

Lost Jack Shephard Bobble Head

The Jack Shephard bobble head is posing with Vincent the dog — an odd choice, in my opinion, especially since Jack’s two iconic scenes with Vincent involve Jack lying flat on his back in the jungle, a position which wouldn’t work for a bobble head, as it would interfere with the bobbling. 😉

Besides, whenever I see Vincent, I think, “Where’s Waaaaaaaaaalt?”

Also, is it my imagination, or is Vincent unusually small here?

The bobble head is meant to evoke the Series Pilot — it has Jack wearing a suit, with a bit of the wreckage of Flight 815 on the ground behind him. He’s also got some sexy stubble. In fact, he looks sexier as a bobble head than he did in the series. (Yes, as a Sawyer fan I’m biased, but it’s true!)

Lost Desmond Hume Bobble Head

The Desmond Hume bobble head shows the Season 2 Desmond, wearing a Dharma jumpsuit and standing by the Swan Station computer, where he is, presumably, about to type in the infamous numbers.

Lost Dr. Leslie Arzt Bobble Head

Last, but not least, is what I think is the best bobble head of the bunch — Dr. Leslie Arzt holding a stick of dynamite, about to blow himelf up — a scene which led to one of Hurley’s greatest lines ever.

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  1. Wow, cool to know that there are some new designs coming out! My b/f loved Lost, so I will have to get him a couple of these. Sounds like they will be out just in time for his birthday.

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