You have to watch this fan-made video shot on the LOST set

It’s eerie and thrilling watching this, seeing the old sets again — the Dharma village, the temple, the Orchid station, the jungle.

At least I think they are the real sets. They seem too realistic to be computer-generated or to have been recreated. But if they are real, I have no idea how the fans got in to film there.

While seeing the old places was thrilling, the storyline, at first, didn’t seem too promising. Then, at the end, the character says something that was so good, so right, it gave me a moment of chills. (At last! A LOST ending that satisfies!)

You really have to watch this all the way through.

By Corey Vidal via sl-LOST — thanks!

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2 responses to “You have to watch this fan-made video shot on the LOST set

  1. Ha, I think I am just as confused as I was when I watched the show…lol. Everybody on his accounts is asking if he filmed in Hawaii–it totally looks like he was there on the sets. Pretty cool stuff, and he nailed it with the camera work and music and tone.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. At first I just noticed how, even though they had gotten the sound and look of the show down exactly there was something lacking in execution. I didn’t like how the girl started running immediately after the guy said, “We have to go, now!” People usually don’t just start running uphill like that.
    But by the end I had the impression that the writers and directors understood everything, which is the experience I had with just about every episode of the show.

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