LOST Auction Day 2 — part 3

Dharma recruits 1977 framed photo LOST auction

Framed photo of the 1977 Dharma recruits sold for $7,000

— continued from LOST Auction Day 2 — part 2

Here are the results of the final hours of last night’s (Sunday night’s) LOST auction. I’m getting the numbers from the auction catalog. (registration required to see the “sold for” numbers.)

The framed photo of the LOSTies in 1977 Dharmaville, under the “Namaste New Recruits” banner, from the “Namaste” episode sold for $7,000.

Various collections of Dharma food, soda, condiments, wine & whiskey, motor pool supplies, Apollo candy bars, and Ajira Airways water bottles sold for between $700 (for the water bottles) and $3,500 for what was described as a “Huge assortment of miscellaneous DHARMA-branded supplies.”

A Drive Shaft poster sold for $3,250. Jughead sold for $2,250. It was described as “very heavy” and came with a radiation apron.

Season 5 production artwork sold for $6,000. Pieces of the submarine sold from $700 to $2,500 for the 25-foot long top piece.

Jacob’s tapestry from The Incident sold for $8,500. The fragment that Ilana found in Jacob’s cabin, with the picture of Tawaret sold for $6,500. Other fragments sold for $3,750 and $2,000. The firepit from inside the foot of the statue (cool prop!) sold for $1,200.

Jacobs tapestry and Taweret fragment LOST auction

Jacobs tapestry and fragment. (Not to scale. ) Sold for $8,500 and $6,500

The shiny blue Dharma van sold for $47,500! The Dharma jeep sold for a relatively modest $20,000.

The clothes Jack was wearing when he died sold for $10,000. Kate’s flashsideways little black dress and heels $3,000. Fake Locke’s Season 6 outfit of gray t-shirt, dark pants, and shoes sold for $1,900. The copy of that he wore when he was killed, complete with bullet hole and fake blood, sold for $1,700. Continuing the macabre theme, the outfit Juliet wore when she died in “LA X” sold for $1,100

Jacob said, "The cork is this island and it's the only thing keeping the darkness where it belongs" (Ab Aeterno)

Across the Sea: Bad Mother’s costumes, including one with a gross stab wound hole and stain, $1,200. Collection of Young Jacob costumes $5,000. Young MiB costumes went for considerably less — 2 lots for $900 and $1,100. The Senet gameboard sold for $7,000!

Ab Aeterno: A bunch of Richard Alpert’s stuff from that episode $1,600. Two gold cross necklaces, one bright, one tarnished. $3,750. Jacob’s metaphoric wine bottle and cork $3,750. The prison door and key from Richard’s cell $950. The dynamite he used to try to kill himself (in “Dr. Linus”) $1,600.

Emails Teacher Ben used to blackmail the Principal $1,000. Telescopes from the lighthouse. Undamaged $1,800. Damaged $2,000. Jack’s backpack from the finale $3,500. Man in Black’s ancient dagger $6,000..

Lots of backpacks and collections of the characters’ personal belongings.

Police station coffee mugs of Sideways Sawyer and Miles $ 1,300.

Claires squirrel baby not seen on screen LOST auction

Squirrel baby that the producers decided not to use, sold for $2,750

A version of Claire’s squirrel baby which the producers decided not to use, because they chose to use one with larger eyes and a more sinister face instead, sold for $2,750.

Charlie’s bass guitar from the finale $2,250. Dogen’s baseball $1,400. The pills he used to try to kill Sayid $650. The big wooden ankh $3,250. Eloise Hawking’s watch sold for $250, one of the least expensive items in the auction. Jack’s watch, by contrast, sold for $8,500.

A couple of items that sold for $200 each (the lowest I’ve seen) (1) banners and backstage passes for the Finale’s Drive Shaft concert, and (2) a set design model for the Temple and courtyard.

Items with no bids at all — Agent Mars’ sideways watch, Jae Lee’s watch (he’s the guy who had the affair with Sun), and 8-foot by 4-foot sections of foam stalagmites & stalactites from the light-filled cave in the Finale.

Four-toed foot remains of Taweret statue LOST auction

Four-toed foot

Dogen’s hourglass went for $4,750. The four-toed foot (the remains of the Taweret statue), made of foam and with the paint chipping, also went for $4,750.

The Man in Black’s black-and-white-stone-measuring scale and other stuff from the cave $8,500.

The dial with the candidates’ names and the rotating mirrors from the Lighthouse sold for an astonishing $27,500.

Three-seat rows of Oceanic Airlines seats sold for $1,300 to $2,250. Pieces of Flight 815 wreckage $1,600 to $2,500.

And the very last item sold — the script for the Finale, signed by Damon and Carlton sold for $7,500. By contrast, the script for the Pilot, signed by Damon and J.J. Abrams, sold for $15,000.

Total amount of money spent in the auction: Almost 2 million dollars.

Here’s a glimpse into the auction hall, when the frozen donkey wheel was being sold. Lots of empty seats — it looks like most of the action was taking place on the internet:

Click on pictures for more info from the auctioneer.

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  1. I thought the auctioneer was terrible and boring

  2. That’s too bad. Watching it at home, I didn’t get to hear the auctioneer — what we saw was the auction screen, but without any sound. Maybe that was for the best.

  3. I just heard him on video. Yup, it sounded pretty dull.

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