LOST Auction Day 2 — Part 2

12 cans dharma beer LOST auction

This is what five thousand dollars worth of Dharma beer looks like

Continued from LOST Auction Day 2 — Part 1

I’m watching a lot of this on the live auction feed. What I’ve missed I’m reading about on LostAuction on Twitter. The catalog, showing all the items, is here.

Twelve cans of Dharma beer sold for an amazing $5,000. Set design model of Oceanic 815 crash site $3,750.

Hurley’s Camaro sold for $20,000. Thought it would be more! Season 4 production art $5,500.

The frozen donkey wheel! Bidding is coming in fast from the floor and from the internet. Wow, it’s over $20,000 now, and rising in $2,500 increments. Sold for $25,000 to an internet bidder.

frozen donkey wheel LOST auction

The frozen donkey wheel sold for $25,000

Now they’re doing Season 5 costumes. Some big items coming up right after the costumes: Locke’s compass, his suicide note to Jack, and another of his knives. Also, the Ajira Airlines coffin crate that Ilana used to carry Real Locke’s dead body around.

Sawyer LaFleur Dharma jumpsuit LOST auction

Sawyer's LaFleur Dharma jumpsuit

Sawyer’s “LaFleur” jumpsuit is up. Seeing it gives me an achy nostalgic feeling. “LaFleur,” with the possible exception of “The Incident,” was my favorite episode of Season 5. The jumpsuit sold for $6,500! I guess I’m not the only one who loved that episode.

Sun’s wedding dress from “The Incident.” Beautiful. Sold for $2,000. Her wedding reception dress from that episode $900. Young Ben Linus costume — jeans, shirt, belt, shoes, glasses, and hoodie with a bullet hole — $900. Young Ben Linus’ gold-framed glasses $950. The Dharma jumpsuits are all getting good prices. Wow, Juliet’s black motorpool jumpsuit from “LaFleur” sold for $4,250!

Faraday’s Oxford graduation gown and diploma $950. His blue shirt, black pants, black tie Island outfit $2,750. His Dharma construction jumpsuit $2,750. Frank Lapidus’ Season 5 pilot’s uniform $1300.

The man in white and the man in black: Jacob’s costume from the opening scene of “The Incident” sold for $3,500. The MiB’s costume from that scene sold for $2,750. Does this mean good has triumphed over evil?

And the costumes just keep on coming. I guess they have so many because Season 5 wasn’t very long ago. Maybe the Season 1 costumes have mostly fallen apart by now. The Dharma jumpsuits are still selling well, even the ones worn by minor characters. The last clothing item, a collection of Dharma shirts, goes for $1,300.

Here come the props. Jack’s passport and Flight 316 ticket $3,250. His Season 5 backpack and ammo pouch from “The Variable” $2,000. Kate’s passport and Flight 316 ticket $4,250 — she beat Jack’s price for the same items! Little Kate’s backpack and “New Kids on the Block” lunch box from “The Incident” touched-by-Jacob flashback $1,200.

The guitar case Jacob gave Hurley, including the big wooden Ankh $4,250. Hurley’s Flight 316 tickets (he bought a bunch of them to keep other people off the plane so they wouldn’t get hurt) $1,800. His notebooks where he rewrote “The Empire Strikes Back” in “Some Like it Hoth” $4,250.

Young James Ford’s partially-written letter to “Mr. Sawyer” in “The Incident” flashback. Includes pen Jacob gave him. $2,250. Dossiers on the Oceanic Six that Widmore gave to Locke $3,000. Another of Locke’s knives with sheath, this one used from Season Three on $3,500.

Here comes Locke’s compass, one of the iconic props of the show. Bidding opens at $3,500. Sold for $8,000!

Locke’s “I wished you had believed me” hand-written suicide note to Jack $8,500!

The crate Ilana used to drag around Real Locke’s dead body. $3,000. The crutches Locke used during his suicide attempt $1,300.

Here’s a weird one. The dead boar Flocke brought to Richard. “Constructed of foam latex with synthetic hair, glass eyes and resin teeth. Distressed with studio blood and appears incredibly lifelike.” Looks disgusting. $1,500.

Jin’s wedding ring. Bidding starts at $2,250. Sells for $4,750. Ben’s passport and his copy of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” that he read on Flight 316. $2,500. Charles Widmore’s surveillance report of Sun $2,750. Ben’s secret door with hieroglyphics (I saw this at the Vilcek show — it’s big!) $6,000.

The Jughead nuclear core from “The Incident” $4,500. Richard’s ship in a bottle $4,750. Desmond’s wedding ring and Penny’s watch from “Jughead” flashback $3,250.

Faraday’s “new” journal, with his mother’s inscription, from “The Variable” flashback. Includes the gift box it came in. $2,750. The journal, later, with all his notes on his time travel experiments — wow — bidding is starting at $8,500. Sold for $27,500! More than the donkey wheel, and the most expensive item of the night so far.

The knife that Jacob used to fillet the “red herring” on the beach at the start of “The Incident” $3,750. His wooden fishing trap from the same scene $1,900.

Horace’s dynamite and Dharma whiskey bottle from “LaFleur” $2,000. Rousseau’s music box, when it was new, from a “Little Prince” flashback $1,800.

There’s a whole bunch of Dharma stuff coming up, starting with another lot of a dozen beer cans. Will this one sell for $5,000 too? Nope — it sold for $4,500. In LOST auction terms, where prices are as high as Tawaret’s head, that’s a bargain!

The bidding applet is stuck (they’re taking bids for the next few lots by phone now), and it’s late here, so I’m calling it a night! Will update, with the rest of the results, tomorrow. Goodnight LOSTfolk!

I’m back. Starting a new post, here –> LOST Auction Day 2 — part 3

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