LOST Auction Day 2 — Part 1

Dharma van LOST auction

Minimum starting bid for the Dharma van is $8,000

The second day (Sunday, August 22, 2010) of the auction starts at 1:00 PM Pacific Time. They’ll be selling 557 items from Seasons 4 to 6. Catalog showing all items.

I’ll be updating this post periodically, so check back. A great place for updates is LostAuction on Twitter. And you can watch the auction happening live on the auction site. This is very cool, and a total time suck, so don’t say I didn’t warn you if you blow your whole Sunday. Ha.

If you’re in L.A., you may still be able to go! At noon on Sunday, people were tweeting that there were plenty of tickets left. They’re not available online, but they said you can get them at the auction site.

They’re going to be selling the frozen donkey wheel, Locke’s compass, Jin’s wedding ring, more Dharma beer and soda cans, pieces of the submarine, Jacob’s tapestry (whoa, would love that), the Dharma van, the Dharma jeep, lots of clothes. Claire’s squirrel baby! Jacob’s metaphoric wine bottle. Dogen’s baseball. A 21-inch set design model of the statue of Taweret. (What? They’re not selling the statue itself?) The Man in Black’s scale (comes with a bunch of other things from the cave). Pieces of the Temple. Rows of Oceanic Airlines seats. More plane wreckage.

The very last item to be sold will be the script for the finale, signed by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. There are already 91 bids, and the auction doesn’t even start for another three-and-a-half hours! Maybe people want to buy it just so that they can take it home and burn it. I keed, I keed. Despite my bitterness over the finale, I still love 99.9999% of the show, and I’m excited about all the cool stuff being sold at the auction. Looking at these things is like taking a walk down memory lane.

Update: Bidding’s start. I’m watching live. They’re showing a 10-minute clip from the DVD boxset to the people in the hanger (not to us watching at home). First item up for bid will be the clothes Jack wore on the raft when the Oceanic Six were rescued.

JOpinionated’s posted more photos, including a nice shot of Sawyer’s repaired-with-wires glasses.

Bidding’s started. Jack’s raft outfit sold for $850. More of Jack’s outfits are selling for around the same price. Jack’s doctor clothes, including stereoscopic and knee hammers $1,400. His Dharma scrubs $1,300.

Kate’s outfits going for around $1,000 each, but the last one for sale — black skirt with two blouses (cream and black) from “The Economist” — sells for $5,000!

Hurley’s costumes selling for around $1,000.

Sawyer’s shirt and jeans from “The Economist.” $1,300. Set of 2 outfits $1,500.

OMG Sawyer’s boxer shorts! Only $850! What a steal!

Locke’s outfits topping $1,000. Sayid’s costumes below $1,000 so far. Taking a break. Next up: More of Sayid’s clothes, then Sun’s.

Ben’s Dharma parka and outfit from “Halliwax” goes for $3,500.

Desmond’s costume from “The Constant” $2,500. Penny’s costume from that episode $950. Miles’ black and gray outfit worn throughout Seasons 4 and 5: $850. Daniel Faraday’s HAZMAT suit $900. Frank Lapidus bright Hawaiian shirt and shorts ensemble $950. A collection of Keamy’s military costumes: $1, 600.

Looks like we’re done with the clothes, and on to the props. Collection of Jack’s personal stuff (wallet, watch, keys, beeper, wedding rings) $4,000. Photo of Jack with Aaron on swing $1,700. Dharma red wine in a box $1,200. Backgammon set used by Sawyer and Locke $4,000.

Sawyer’s copy of book “The Invention of Morel” by Casares $950. That’s more than his shorts sold for! Maybe people didn’t want to be seen as the kind of people who would want to buy Sawyer’s shorts. 😉

Locke’s knife with serrated edge used from Season 3 on: $3,500.

Oh, this is cool: Jeremy Bentham’s death certificate. $2,750.

“Don’t trust the captain” note given to Sayid and Desmond on the freighter: $1,900. Jin’s stuffed panda bear $1,700.

Sun and Jin’s wedding rings and five framed photos $1,900. Ben s messenger bag and keffiyeh from Tunisia $1,500. Ben’s bag with Dean Moriarity passports and prop currencies from different countries $5,000!

The books are selling for a lot. $1,100 for the copy of Philip K. Dick’s “Valis” that Locke gave to Ben.

A bottle of Juliet’s Dharma rum $3,250. Wow. Michael’s suitcase bomb $3,250. Charlotte and Faraday’s satellite phones $3,000.

Faraday’s time machine and rat maze $2000. His scientific notes and briefcase from “The Constant” $3,250. His map to the Tempest station $2,250.

Miles’ ghost-detection machine! Looks like it could double as a vacuum cleaner too. $900. Coming up: The items Richard Alpert used to test young Locke (baseball glove, knife, comic book, “Book of Laws”). I’m going to guess $4,500. Actual sales price: $3,750. A dozen nameplates, including the five from the Oceanic Six press conference $2,000. Collection of four big Oceanic signs, one wood, the rest cardboard and foamcore — $5,500! Tunisian newspaper with Oceanic Flight 815 cover story that Charlotte picked up $4,250. Wow.

Polar bear collar (cool) $4,500. Partial polar bear skeleton from Tunisia $1,200. Risk board game $2,500. Blueprint of Jacob’s cabin found on Horace’s dead body $7,000. Highest bid, I think, for anything so far today!

Jacobs cabin blueprint map LOST auction

Jacob's cabin blueprint sold for $7,000

A whole bunch of Apollo candy bars $2,000. Dharma map to the temple $3,500. The big standing compass from the freighter $6,500!

This is getting long. I’m starting a new post here: LOST Auction Day 2 — Part 2

Click on pictures for more info from the auctioneer

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