LOST auction day 1

Sawyers letter LOST

Sawyer's letter

I’m getting all this from Twitter #LostAuction.

The auction will be going on till 9:00 PM tonight. It’s not too crowded. If you’re in L.A., go!

Jin’s Rolex sold for $1,900. and his handcuffs for $800. Fishing net and pole $900.

Sayid’s photo of Nadia, $1,000. Aww.

Locke’s backgammon set $7,000. Wow!

Locke’s wheelchair $3,250. Thought that would have been more!

Locke’s case of knives $7,500.

(Now I’m understanding why they had two cops at the Vilcek exhibit.)

Hurley’s lottery ticket $5,500.

Sawyer’s letter $6,500.

His copy of “Watership Down” $2,750.

His reading glasses $2,250. I know a lot of people who would have liked those!

Hurley’s comic book $3,250.

Wow, that’s just the last hour! Oops, it’s going to be too much to blog. But do check out Twitter to get all the news live. Also, JOpinionated is there and posting fantastic photos.

Update: The Swan Hatch door went for $16,000! Charlie’s ring for $9,000. The Santa Rosa Mental Hosptial Sign $750. A package of 140 pieces of Season 1 production artwork, blueprints & sketches — $14,000. Yikes! Rousseau’s map $9,000. Four Virgin Mary statues in a crate $4,250 (heroin not included!) Oceanic water bottles $1400. Flight 815 boarding sign $4,750. Boone’s boarding pass/driver’s license $1,700. Sun’s boarding pass and password $2000. Aaron’s crib $8,000.

They need a bargain table for the rest of us! How about selling a few grains of sand that Sawyer looked at for $10?

Update #2 Desmond’s Dharma jumpsuit went for $4,750. Ben Linus’ Henry Gale costume went for $1,500.

Update #3 I got these from TheODI: Kate’s toy plane (with three other planes included) sold for $6,500. Kate’s passport and mugshot $4,500. Sawyer’s blue jeans and t-shirt outfit $650. Such a bargain! Autographed pilot script $15,000. Wow!!

— continued on Late Night Updates to Lost Auction Day 1

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