Late-night updates for LOST Auction Day 1

LOST Swan station computer sold at auction

Swan station computer

The Swan Station computer sold for $16,000!!

(After buyer’s premium and tax, it came out to $21,072.)

The fail-safe key sold for $11,000.

Oh, I just realized they are going through the show season by season.

Mr. Eko’s Jesus sticks sold for $8,000 for the real one and $4,000 for the stunt version. (Didn’t know Jesus sticks had stunt doubles! Ha.)

Six Apollo chocolate bars sold for … get this … $1,200! I hope everyone in the buyer’s household, pets included, knows not to eat them!

A deck of Dharma playing cards went for $4,250. I wonder if people are bidding like crazy now, as it gets near closing time, just so they won’t have to go home empty-handed.

Via LostAuction on Twitter

Editing to add: Watch the auction live! It’s mesmerizing to watch. It moves so quickly!

Now I’m watching it live … They’re selling off a lot of costumes. It looks like all the bids are coming in from the internet. I wonder if all the people in L.A. went home, or if they’re just waiting for bigger items.

Oh, now there’s some bidding from the floor — so there are still people there — for a pair of Charlie’s t-shirts. It went for $750. Collection of young Ben Linus costumes went for $650.

Roger linus corpse dharma jumpsuit and decomposed arm

Roger Linus, on a bad day

Roger Linus’ corpse Dharma jumpsuit and decomposed arm (!!) sold for $1,900.

Bernard’s walking stick $850.

Naomi’s paratrooper jumpsuit. $600. Her parachute rig with flashlight/beacon $800.

Here’s a picture of the auction room (airport hanger, actually). They’re staring at a big screen which is exactly the same screen we see at home.

Richard Alpert’s Other costume $900.

Mikhail’s DHARMA jumpsuit, costume and eyepatch. Bidding is fast and furious on this. Sold at $1,600. His diving gear $450. His Dharma jumpsuit $1,000.

Jack s CA license plate for his Ford Bronco — bidding started at $1,500! Sold for $2,750. His backpack from Thailand $1,000. His crossword puzzle (ooh, I’d like that) $600. His divorce papers $500. His football $1,300.

kates gold locket necklace auction LOST

Kate's gold locket necklace sold for $5,500

Kate’s gold locket necklace. Bidding started at $1,000. A LOT of action from the floor. Sold for $5,500!

Kate’s handcuffs $650. I thought they would go for a lot more than that. Hurley’s canteen $1,300.

Mr. Cluck’s head $800.

Sawyer’s Season 3 reading glasses, held together with multi-colored wire: Bidding opened at $900. Sold for $2,250.

A couple of beat-up Dharma beer cans belonging to Sawyer. $1,500. Hurley and Sawyer’s make-shift ping-pong paddles and balls $2,250. Wow.

Sawyer’s (James Ford’s) arrest report: Started at $600. Sold at $1,000.

Locke’s driver’s license and registration: Started at $850. Sold at $1,500.

Locke’s knife with sheath. Started at $2,250! Sold at $6,000!

Collection of Locke’s rubber stunt knives. $2,500.

Locke’s coffin!! Sold for $1,200. Thought it would have gone for a lot more, but I guess that’s a hard thing to display in your living room.

Sayid’s wallet, and all the stuff in it, including a picture of him with (I think) Nadia. $1,300. His Dharma cabling map showing the barracks $2,000. His backpack with (prop) C4 — $850.

Sun’s broken glass ballerina — $550. I would have expected more.

Aaron’s crib, broken after attack by Others. $1,200.

Charlie’s DS ring — opened at $3,750!! Sold for $8,500.

Charlie’s handwritten 5 greatest moments on notepad $3,750. His guitar with arrow through neck $2,000. His flashback guitar with case $4,500.

Ben’s round glasses are coming up. I’d love to have those! But first, a collection of 25 tribal masks from Ben’s barracks home. Sold for $7,500. My god. Other stuff from the house $1800. Ben’s tan canvas messenger bag $3,250. Note commuting Juliet’s execution $1,300. Ben’s medical records $1,200.

Ben Linus glasses LOST auction

Ben Linus' glasses sold for $2,500

Here come the glasses! Lots of bids from the floor. Sold for $2,500 to an internet bidder.

Next major item coming up: Penny’s engagement ring. I’m going to guess $5,000.

Ben’s Dharma whiskey bottle and two tumblers $2,250. Surprised that was almost as much as his eyeglasses. Desmond’s backpack and Portugese version of “Catch 22” $1,200.

Here comes the ring. Opened at $1,100. Sold for $3,500. Less than I had guessed!

I’m going to call it a night. There are 29 items left. I’ll add an update tomorrow.

Sunday — update on highlights of the remaining items sold last night. I’m getting these from the auction site (you have to register to see the final sales prices)

A collection of 32 Dharma beer cans sold for $3,250. Karl’s goggles from Room 23 plus slingshots and pack sold for $2,000, but the brainwashing chair went for only $900.

Fishbiscuit machine LOST auction

Fishbiscuit machine sold for $7,000

The fishbiscuit machine, which comes with 30+ fishbiscuits, sold for $7,000!!

Lots of collections of Dharma branded items – food, drinks, etc. selling for around $1,000 each.

280 pieces of Season 3 production artwork sold for $7,000.

A collection of furniture from Jacob’s cabin sold for $2,750.

Click through on photos for more information on the items from the auction site.

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  1. Great auction. Surprised at how much some stuff went for! I managed to get the Pearl station printer and “system failure” logs for under $2K. Good deal, considering the computer went for $16K!

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