Why I Loved “Everybody Loves Hugo”

Libby and Hurley LOST 5x12 Everybody Loves Hugo

Sideways Libby and Hurley

Episode 6×12, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1. Hurley and Libby getting their picnic at last. Awww.

2. Sideways Hurley remembering the Island.

3. Jack sounding totally plausible when he said he was giving up control. He’s said it before, but I never believed him until now.

4. Desmond looking good in a suit.

5. Teacher Ben coming out to check on the suspicious character.

6. Terry O’Quinn getting better every week, which seems impossible because he’s already so good.

7. Flocke tossing Desmond down the well. I saw that coming, but I never imagined Flocke would be so casual about it. He’s the most badass of villains.

8. Libby not being crazy.

9. The cliffhanger ending.

Screencap of Libby and Hurley from Lost-Media.com

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2 responses to “Why I Loved “Everybody Loves Hugo”

  1. I loved all these things too, except I have to say that while at first I loved the uber creepiness of Flocke, now he’s just plain scary. I’m scared. And I don’t like it anymore. Make the bad man go away.

  2. Ha ha. He is like one of those scary monsters that hide out in kids’ closets and haunt their nightmares.

    I think it’s really a tribute to O’Quinn’s talent that he has pulled this off, making Flocke so horrifying and sideways Locke so sympathetic, all at the same time.

    By the way, Damon and Carlton keep hinting that maybe Flocke isn’t as evil as he appears. But that’s hard to buy — especially now that Flocke just tossed Desmond down the well as casually as if he were throwing a coin into a fountain.

    I wonder if Darlton are just trying to sow doubt in the minds of the fans to create suspense on a point which really isn’t that suspensful — the question of which of the brothers (as I think of them) is the good guy and which is the evil one.

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