Official ABC Promo: “Why are you on this island?”

This is a great promo from ABC. It’s got a lot of footage of Season 6. It’s got Locke saying he can answer “the most important question in the world: why are you on this island?” It’s got the smoke monster. It’s got skeletons (Adam and Eve?). It’s got Locke weighing a black and a white stone.

And it’s got a narrator saying “The time for questions is over.”

Answers! We’re going to get answers!

I can’t wait!

Via campetin of sl-LOST.

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2 responses to “Official ABC Promo: “Why are you on this island?”

  1. hey, does anyone know that promo video?
    i saw it often and i m lookin for its background music :/ would be nice if anyone could help me 😀

  2. Oops! It looks like ABC pulled it off of YouTube. I don’t remember exactly which one it was now, but I think it was this one: LOST Season 6 Promo 15. (That’s another YouTube video, so I hope it stays there until you get to see it.)

    Don’t know anything about the music, but it sounds like it might have been something by Michael Giacchino, who composes the music for the episodes. Just a guess.

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