The LOST Last Supper photos

On the Ask A Question page, Geri wrote:

Any comments on the two ” Lost” Supper photos and why they are so different with the placement of characters?

Here are the photos. Click on them to see high-resolution versions:

LOST Last Supper 1, with everyone looking at Locke

LOST Last Supper 2, with everyone looking at the camera

Locke — or is it notLocke? — is in the center in both photos (we’re getting used to seeing him in the center, ever since the Season 6 promo poster). Here he is in the Jesus position, joining Jacob and even Sayid as a potential Jesus figure.

Characters that move from one photo to the next: Claire moves from the left side to the right, Miles moves from the right side to the left, Sun and Ben (close to each other on the right) swap places, and Hurley moves over one place to the right.

Unless the people behind these photos made random changes just to mess with our minds (which I think is a real possibility), what could it possibly mean?

In the first photo, Claire is sitting in a little grouping with Alpert and Ilana. All three of them are not exactly normal. Alpert has been alive for centuries, Ilana most likely has as well, and as for Claire, for a while there, it seemed like she was dead. So there’s this little grouping of strange people, but then in the next photo, Claire is in the middle of Jin, Sun, Ben, Hurley, and Lapidus — all people who seem to be living out a lifespan of a normal length.

So Claire can hang out with Jacob’s strangely long-lived followers, and she can also hang out with the regular humans. She’s a versatile woman! I expect we will see her come back being in some way different from the way she was before.

Miles moves in the opposite direction. In the top photo he is surrounded by Sun, Hurley, and Lapidus. In the bottom he has joined Ilana and Alpert. Is it possible that Miles will turn out to be one of Jacob’s people as well?

Hurley moves a little further from Locke, and a little closer to Lapidus. Maybe Hurley will be able to resist the lure of notLocke and save the LOSTies from notLocke’s destructive wrath.

As for Ben and Sun switching places, as many people have noted, in the facing-forward photo, Sun is next to Jin, but in the facing-Locke photo, they are separated — just as in the show they have been both separated and together.

An alternate explanation could be that Ben and Sun are going to somehow switch roles, but that’s too mind-boggling to contemplate. 😉

Photos are promotional material (c) ABC, via the Wall Street Journal and, for the hi-res versions, the New York Times.

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  1. Anyone know where to buy the posters?

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