Following Comic-Con LOST panel via Twitter

The twitterers are saying that Jorge Garcia just asked a question from the audience!

Update: Michael Emerson is in the audience too, and took the mike from Jorge Garcia!

Update: They’re showing footage of Michael Emerson auditioning for the role of Hurley.

Update: We’ll be seeing the backstory of Richard Alpert (Eyeliner Man!) in Season 6.

Update: Juliet will be back in Season 6!

Update: Nestor Carbonell joined the panel.

Update: Josh Holloway is there!

Update: Dominic Monaghan goes on the stage.

You don’t need a Twitter account to follow the coverage on your browser. Just go to this link: #Lost.

Update (backdate?) I missed the beginning of the panel — this is what happened before I tuned in:

— They said Faraday is dead but he is coming back to the show!

— They showed this video: Mysteries of the Universe

— New site to play with: Lost University

— Panel’s theme is fan appreciation. They played a montage of fan-created videos.

— They locked the show’s final scenes in a box!

— They may show characters in Season 6 that we haven’t seen since Season 1

— Winner of fan theme song contest announced

— Showed clip of Kate on America’s Most Wanted, a commercial from Oceanic Air, and Hurley’s restaurant

That’s it! I have to run, but I’ll be back tonight, and will look through whatever material is available by then.

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