Elizabeth Mitchell liked seeing Sawyer and Kate together

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Juliet, one corner of the Sawyer-Kate-Jack-Juliet love quadrangle, said that she liked seeing Sawyer with Kate.

This came up during an interview at Comic-Con, published today in Movieline:

I had always liked Sawyer with Kate! I mean, not to be a fangirl — which I am — but I just really actually liked them together. I liked their chemistry, their passion.

I can’t argue with that!

She also said that she was leery, at first, of the peacefulness of Juliet and Sawyer’s relationship. Like most of us, she was suprised by how satisfying it became to watch that relationship blossom:

[Juliet became] [h]appy and not as complex, do you know what I mean? She and Sawyer had found this kind of peace that I fought very hard against and Josh fought very hard against, and we were so wrong, which is really nice. When I watched it, I liked it, and I don’t usually like anything I do.

… What I didn’t anticipate is how Josh would play it and how he made it so honest and so happy and so real. When I was watching him, I was like, “That’s why that relationship works.”

One thing that Kate-and-Sawyer and Juliet-and-Sawyer have in common is that both couples had kissing scenes which became instant classics:

Kate and Sawyer

Juliet and Sawyer

Interview Source: Movieline

Photo is a screencap from Mitchell’s Ask Lost video (c) ABC

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  1. YES YES YES!!Sawyer and Kate together!!

  2. Noooooo ! JATE is fate ! I love JATE and SULIET ! It shud stay that way !

  3. JATE only if we’re talkin about James and Kate hahaha!! Skate 4ever!!

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