Lost Untangled 5×13 Some Like it Hoth

Would you believe I still haven’t finished my taxes? (Do I get some kind of procrastination award?) Well, here’s the Lost Untangled video which I’m just going to plop down for the moment… I’ll come back later, post-taxes, to add on some comments ….

Editing to add: Now I’m back.

What I learned from the video is that Bram, the kidnapper in the van who asks Miles if he knows what’s in the shadow of the statue, is the same guy who was with Ilana on the beach when she was posing the same question to Lapidus!

Ilana and Bram

Ilana and Bram

The narrator also confirms that Baby Miles is, indeed, the same person as Big Miles. (I had been wondering if perhaps Chang, after deserting one family, had started another, and gave the new baby the same name as his first, deserted son. Another theory bites the dust!) So time really is folding in on itself!

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4 responses to “Lost Untangled 5×13 Some Like it Hoth

  1. Oh wow, definitely get going on the taxes! We actually got ours done fairly early this year…I think it was actually March! *G*

    I swear, I just realized when I did my Lost post tonight that I was so peeved last week about The Unusuals that I completely forgot to post a Lost update! *smacks forehead* What was I thinking? The show was just that bad, I guess…lol πŸ˜›

  2. March! That’s really good! Well, I’m all done now, with half an hour to spare. Plenty of time! πŸ˜‰

    I was wondering, last week, why you hadn’t done a Lost post, but I figured you probably just didn’t want to review more than one show in a single evening. I didn’t realize you were so traumatized by watching “The Unusuals” that you forgot! Ha ha.

  3. Dude, seriously, my brain got totally wiped! All week I was thinking “Sheesh, it seems like ages since I talked Lost with Ms. Terri.” LOL. I just completely bugged out! πŸ˜›

    Good on ya for the taxes. Any time before the deadline counts!

    • “It’s been ages since I talked Lost with Ms. Terri.” That’s SO funny!

      Next year, I’m going to be really organized, and get my taxes done early. Uh huh. Sure I am. Yessiree! πŸ˜‰

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