“Almost-live” blogging 5×13 Some Like it Hoth

Planet Hoth from Star Wars

Planet Hoth from Star Wars

Writing my first impressions during the show’s commercials …

9:07 Starts with a powerful scene showing Miles, as a boy, already having the ability to communicate with the dead. Back in Dharma time, Horace sends Miles on an errand, welcoming him to “The Circle of Trust.” Miles picks up a dead body (Hostile?) from Radzinsky, then opens the body bag and asks the corpse, “So … what really happened?”

I’m liking this episode very much so far.

9:15 Multiply-pierced Miles, in flashback, visiting his dying mother. He wants to know why he is the way he is, and he wants to know about his father. His mother says that his father is dead, that he left them, and that he never cared about Miles. (Daddy issues!!) Miles wants to know where the body is. His mother says that it’s somewhere he could never go. (Like on a remote Island, perhaps?)

Miles has to take the body to the Orchid. Hurley comes along, with a funny line about how global warming hasn’t happened yet. Meanwhile, Roger, Ben’s dad, freaks out when he finds Ben is missing. He storms off. Juliet to Kate: “Well. Here we go.”

I am still really liking this episode!

9:28 Hurley finds the body. Says to Miles: “You can talk to dead people!” Says his secret his safe, cause he talks to dead people too.

Flashback: Miles conducts seances for hire. Tells a Dad that his son always knew he loved him. Is this a real message, or is he making it up for the money?


Back in Dharma: Roger, drinking. Kate tries to comfort him. Roger senses that she knows what happened.

Hurley and Miles have a wonderful dialogue. Hurley tells how he talks to dead people. Miles says “That’s not how it works!” Hilarious. They are arguing about how communicating with the dead really works! Hurley: “You’re just jealous because my power is better than yours.” So funny!

Hurley says that Dr. Chang is a douche. Miles: “That douche is my Dad.”


I am loving this episode!

9:40 Flashback to Miles and Naomi. Miles “reads” body, gets offered job for 1.6 million dollars. (This number came up in an earlier season. (Editing to add: Actually it was the 3.2 million dollars that came up before.)

Jack and Roger have an encounter. Then back to Hurley, Miles, and now also Chang in the WV. Chang’s 3-month old baby (the one we saw in the opening scene of the first episode of this season) is named Miles!! Wow.

Secret construction site — cool! They’re building the hatch! With the numbers on the cover!

I am totally loving this episode!

9:51 Flashback. Miles kidnapped by guys in a van. They say they want to talk him out of working for Widmore. One asks, “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?” Ooooh!

Who are these guys? They tell Miles that they can tell him about his powers and about his Dad — the things he had asked his mother about on her deathbed — but Miles says he no longer cares, he only cares about money. They toss him out, tell him he’s “playing for the wrong team.”

Back in the van in Dharmaville, Miles grabs Hurley’s notebook. He’s writing the sequel to Star Wars — ha ha! — which hasn’t come out yet, and which he hopes to sell to Lucas! (There’s the tie-in with the title.)

Underling Phil tells Sawyer he knows Sawyer took Little Ben. Sawyer punches him, tells Juliet to get the rope.

I’m still totally loving this episode!

10:01 Miles goes back to see his client, says he wants to give him his money back. So he was faking after all! I’m thinking it is his conscience prompting him to return the money because he didn’t do the job he was hired for but, instead, Miles says “If you needed your son to know you loved him, you should have told him when he was alive.”

More Daddy issues!

Back in Dharmaville, Hurley talks about how he gave his Dad a second chance. Then he makes an elaborate Star Wars analogy, which goes way over my head, as I’m not a big Star Wars geek, but the gist of it is that he is trying to tell Miles that he should talk to his Dad.

Big Miles watches his Dad and Baby Miles!

Then Chang and Big Miles go out to meet the sub. And Faraday gets out!! And says, “Long time no see.”

Love, love, love this episode. It has so many of my favorite things — flashbacks, humor, Hurley and Miles riffing off each other, Daddy issues, and even the Hatch and the numbers!

Screenshot from The Empire Strikes Back (c) Lucasfilm, via Wikipedia

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4 responses to ““Almost-live” blogging 5×13 Some Like it Hoth

  1. I finally got a chance to watch this tonight. I sure did lurve me some Hurley and Miles. 🙂 I take it you’re not a big Star Trek fan? 😀

    I really enjoyed this one – especially the last minute or so – Daniel!

    Ps – I figured out why I missed the last few minutes of last weeks program — on the viewer it goes to commercials, which usually means the show is over – what I noticed tonight though is they had the “click to continue” button up – so I was able to see the extra minutes at the end. 🙂

    • Hi, laneerg! Glad you were able to see the end of the show — what a dynamite ending!

      I’m following” Daniel Faraday” on Twitter. How cool is that! He sent out a message that said “That’s right. I’m back. Deal with it.” Too funny!

      As for Star Wars — yeah, I’m not exactly a big fan, to put it mildly. Once, though, I went to a Star Wars marathon (I was tagging along with some real fans), where they showed, if I recall correctly, *all* of the movies, one after the other! It was a very very very long day. 😉

      • I can imagine that would be a long day watching all the Star Wars movies. 🙂 I wouldn’t say I was a fan of them myself, but I think I have seen all of them – two different boyfriends LOVED them and of course we had to see them when they came out in the theater. 😀 They were fun to watch.

        That is too funny that “Daniel Faraday” is following you on Twitter. Heh! You have some other interesting followers (i.e. “realjonstewart”) 😀

  2. The “realjonstewart,” alas, is not the real Jon Stewart, despite his name. It’s like a petition drive. The really real Jon Stewart said he would join Twitter if 100,000 people signed up to follow the “realjonstewart.” 😉

    Twitter … so simple, yet so confusing. 😉

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