Matthew Fox files countersuit against bus driver

Jack in LOST Season 4 finale

Matthew Fox as Jack in "There's No Place Like Home," the LOST Season 4 finale

A couple of months ago in Cleveland, a 29-year-old female bus driver accused Matthew Fox of repeatedly punching her when she wouldn’t let him get on her bus, which was reserved for a private party. Fox was in town filming the movie I, Alex Cross. Although no criminal charges were filed, the bus driver filed a civil suit against Fox.

Five days ago, Matthew Fox sued her, saying that she was the one who had assaulted him. In addition to suing her for assault and battery, he is also suing for defamation, saying that she lied about what happened.

Just in case this story wasn’t tabloid-worthy enough, Cleveland Channel 5 News is reporting that Fox was in a strip club right before this all happened.

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