“Person of Interest” pilot is being rerun tonight

Person of Interest pilot

Person of Interest pilot

The Person of Interest pilot episode is being rerun tonight (Saturday) at 8:00 p.m. (that’s right now, in the Eastern time zone).

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5 responses to ““Person of Interest” pilot is being rerun tonight

  1. Why? Wuts up with the reruns! This show is BALLER!

  2. why all the reruns// they didnt plan on show making it?

    I hate reruns n so early

  3. Stop whining, you idiot dudes. I grew up with 3 total stations. All shows live. No reruns. And all the M&M were brown only. We suffered back then.
    Happy Hunting: Enjoy the Christmas commercials on this episode.
    Iowa Dave….

  4. Rerun? This is the second week of the season, no excuse unless someone died…

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