Matthew Fox as a serial killer

Matthew Fox Jack talking to Locke (Flocke) in LOST 6x13 The Last Recruit

Matthew Fox in LOST 6x13

The reason Matthew Fox was in Cleveland a couple of weeks ago when he got into trouble was because he was filming the movie “I, Alex Cross.”

The movie is based on a series of James Patterson thrillers. Michael Fox plays the villain, a serial killer named Picasso.

Tyler Perry stars as the detective. There is lots more info about the film here: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Here’s some footage from the set. I didn’t see Fox there, though:

Video via WorstPreviews.

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3 responses to “Matthew Fox as a serial killer

  1. Oh cool! Matthew Fox and Alex Cross!! Any idea when this movie is coming out??

  2. I’m on set with the crew…. Matthew is a stunning actor/bad guy. Wait till you see him!

  3. Laura, I haven’t read any of the Alex Cross books, but from your comment it sounds like they’re good! IMDB says the movie’s opening in 2012, but nothing more specific than that.

    Steve, you’re so lucky to be there! Thanks for your insider’s view.
    I was just thinking that Matthew Fox and Michael Emerson’s roles have taken them in opposite directions. Fox went from playing a hero to playing a scary psychopath, and Emerson went from playing a scary psychopath to playing a kind of a hero (I think, from what I can tell from the advance publicity for “Person of Interest”). I imagine they are both very glad to be playing against type.

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