Doc Jensen was in the church when the Losties walked into the light

Jeff “Doc” Jensen is back! He wrote a new LOST column yesterday which revealed that he was actually sitting in a pew in the church when the final scene of LOST was being filmed:

I was in the church when Christian Shephard (John Terry) threw open the doors and the entire castaway soul cluster … vanished into the afterlife in a flood of white light. In EW’s Best of 2010 issue, on sale now, I share a little more about the visit, including the misdirection that was employed to fool the spoiler stalkers lurking outside the church and how Fox and Terry were the only actors that knew the big secret of the Sideways world during the filming of the sequence.

Jensen has also been rethinking his original conclusions about the meaning of the finale:

I declared that the Sideways world was a legit spiritual purgatory in my first responses to the finale. With the passage of time, I now see other possibilities, and more, I wonder if I missed some of the points Lost was trying to make about religion, spirituality, and the afterlife by becoming so locked into purgatory theory. More to come in the next week or so; my long-promised, long-delayed last Lost column will post before the end of the year.

The column was posted only a few hours ago, and already has a ton of comments. Read it here: Revisiting our visit to the set of the ‘Lost’ finale

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