“Community” Christmas special takes a swipe at LOST

The TV comedy Community took a swipe at LOST in this stop-motion animated episode (Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas).

In Santa’s workshop, Abed and Pierce look for the meaning of Christmas. A gift tag on a box promises that they can find the meaning inside. Inside the box is another box, and then another, and another. Finally Abed finds the gift inside, takes it out, and looks at it:

Abed: It’s the first season of LOST on DVD.

Pierce: That’s the meaning of Christmas?

Abed: No, it’s a metaphor. It represents lack of payoff.

Ouch. Damon Lindelof responded on Twitter and had the following exchange with Dan Harmon, Community‘s creator:

Damon: Okay, COMMUNITY. It’s ON!!!! Now if only I had a show to zing you back. And if only you weren’t awesome. Sigh…

Dan Harmon: @DamonLindelof Oh, man, Did not want you guys to see that! Relieved you are a good sport. Thank you for the flattery. Owe you a drink.

Damon: @danharmon Been a fan since CHANNEL 101, sir. There is no honor greater than being roasted. But I AM taking you up on that drink.

Dan Harmon: @DamonLindelof “a fan since channel 101?” WHAT?! That’s great. Maybe if we go out, @HartHanson will get jealous and leave his cabin.

Damon: @danharmon Two words. Laser. Fart.

Dan Harmon: Ahhhhh, I THOUGHT I detected a slight influence!


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One response to ““Community” Christmas special takes a swipe at LOST

  1. It was also a compliment to Lost. In the End Abed thanks Lost for allowing viewers to have their own special meaning in the end, just like Christmas has a personalized and different meaning for everyone. I think the worst you can say about it is that Perhaps its a back handed compliment

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