More new projects for LOST alum

Jeremy Davis as Daniel Faraday

Here are a couple more recently-announced new projects, one involving a LOST actor, and the other LOST producers. (via sl-LOST)

Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday) will be joining the Season 2 cast of FX’s Justified, playing a recurring role as the Marshall’s nemesis. The new season starts in February, 2011. (via Hollywood Reporter)

I’ve never seen Justified, so I have no opinion on this. Has anyone seen it? Is it good?

LOST’s executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have created a new show called Once Upon a Time that will be on ABC. The starting date has apparently not yet been announced.

According to Variety, it’s a modern take on fairy tales, a mix of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery, with a female protagonist from a “unique” background.

Despite the fairy tale premise, show will have a strong human emotional center. Similar to “Lost,” there will be a large ensemble.

Sounds intriguing.

Horowitz and Kitsis came up with the idea seven years ago, before getting involved in LOST, and then put it on the back burner until LOST was over.

Bringing even more LOST flavor to the project, Damon Lindelof will consult on the show! (I just hope he doesn’t write the ending.) (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’m actually excited about this one — it sounds like it could be a winner, especially if they can develop the ensemble concept even half as well as they did on LOST.)

(Via Variety)

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