There may be a LOST spin-off in the future, Carlton Cuse says

Carlton Cuse, speaking in an event in Madrid, said they weren’t planning on doing a spin-off “right now,” and they “have no plans now for a spin-off,” but “two years from now, maybe some bright idea will occur to us, and we’ll change our minds about whether there’s a possibility of something else to be done in the world, but for now, there are no plans.”

Notice how many times he says there are no plans now. He’s definitely keeping his options open.

I seem to remember Darlton saying there would never be any kind of a LOST sequel or movie, but then again, they also said the show wasn’t going to be about purgatory and that the ending would not disappoint. (What, me still bitter? Ha.)

Anyway, Carlton goes on to say, “Walt Disney Company, they own the LOST franchise, and it’s very possible they will decide to move forward with a new TV show or movie under the LOST ‘brand,’ and that’s totally their prerogative.”

via sl-LOST

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