A possible explanation for some of LOST’s unanswered questions

How did pushing the button control the Island's energy?

What if maybe — just maybe — there are some answers to the unsolved mysteries after all?

Alffmix, a poster on the Lostpedia forums, believes that many of the big mysteries of the show — from the source of Jacob’s power to the Island’s ability to heal — can be explained by electromagnetism. Specifically, Alffmix says, the tug between electromagnetism’s negative and postive forces, going in and out of balance, is what caused many of the Island’s strangest phenomenon.

The theory provides a science-based, or science-fiction-based explanation that fills in some of the huge gaps left by the finale’s focus on vague spirituality.

This is an exciting theory, maybe even a grand unified theory of LOST. It suggests that the balance of positive and negative electromagnetic energy is related to the balance between white and black, Jacob and Smokey, and good and evil as presented in the show. If the theory is correct, then the scale we saw with the black and white stones becomes a symbolic representation of something that is real and concrete.

The theory does add up. It does sound plausible. It does make sense. It’s hard to say, though, whether it’s an imaginative viewer seeing patterns that weren’t intentionally planted, or whether the writers themselves actually did build this explanation into the show.

Take a look at the post, where the theory is laid out. What do you think? –> Ten big questions that can be answered with one word

(Lostedia forums, via TWoP)

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