LOST Untangled finale 6×17-18 “The End”

This last “LOST Untangled” is much more a retrospective of the entire series than an untangling of the finale itself.

That’s too bad, because the finale was the one episode that I really needed to have untangled, the one episode that left me baffled.

Maybe they didn’t untangle it because they couldn’t, because they didn’t understand it themselves.

(What, me bitter? šŸ˜‰ )

Anyway, this has music by the “Previously on Lost” recap band, lots of clips of iconic moments from all six years of the show, but alas, no dancing statue this time.

Be sure to watch it past the end of the credits, where there is a moment that is vey funny (for those who’ve been watching the “Untangled” videos all along.)

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2 responses to “LOST Untangled finale 6×17-18 “The End”

  1. No matter whether you liked the ending or not, one fact remains true. LOST is by far one of the most intelligently written and compelling TV series of all time. If the writers HAD answered every last question that we couldn’t intelligently figure out ourselves, then you’d have viewers complaining that they ruined the mysticism of the show and the island, yadayadayada! No finale would have made everyone happy. The writers deserve our applause for a job well done. The fact that sooo many are affected by the show’s ending, good or not, is a testament to the series itself. Bravo!

  2. I agree with your first sentence — that LOST was one of the best TV series ever.

    I hope that, in the end, my bitterness and disappointment about the ending won’t permanently taint how I look back at the series as a whole.

    I’m actually surprised that I feel this way. I was always one of those people who would say that LOST was about the journey, not the destination, that they didn’t have to answer every question.

    I just never thought that they wouldn’t answer the *crucial* questions — especially since Darlton, in interview after interview, had promised that they would.

    I was also one of those people who would always tells the scoffers that I trusted the writers, that they would never (as the scoffers claimed) end it in some lame way, by saying it was all a dream, or a virtual-reality experiment.

    But then the ending was almost as bad. They totally sucked the significance out of the sideways world by saying they were all dead.

    I had been fascinated by the sideways worlds, and looking forward to learning what they were about. But the explanation — unless I am still missing something important — didn’t even make any sense.

    I’ve been giving the writers standing ovations for years. Overall, yes, sure, it was a huge accomplishment. I’m just holding my applause for now, while I try to process the ending, and try to see if I can make some sense out of the gulf between what the writers had promised and what we had seen.

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