Poll: What did you think of 6×11 Happily Ever After?

Desmond Hume Henry Ian Cusick LOST 6x11 Happily Ever After

Desmond in 6x11

What did you think of Happily Ever After, the Desmond-centric, Darlton-written, Jack-Bender-directed episode?

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2 responses to “Poll: What did you think of 6×11 Happily Ever After?

  1. I’m happy we’ve gotten back to the mind-bending style episode again. I’m wondering who’s in control of the alternate reality–Eloise, or Jacob, or no one? Was it all part of the greater plan and the Losties are just pawns as usual?

    I loved seeing Charlie and Desmond and Penny and Eloise and Daniel again. I’m really going to miss it when the show is over.

  2. Interesting thought that someone could be in control of the alternate reality. I’ve been thinking of it as the “natural” reality, the one which shows how their lives would have turned out if no one from the Island had been interfering.

    But time will tell.

    And not much time, at that! Sob. I too, am very sad that this show will soon be over.

    P.S. I just got (re)wired. I now have television reception … and a DVR … and home internet access. 21st century, here I come. 😉

    Hopefully, this means I will be able to better keep up with updating this blog as we slide into the (sob) final weeks of the show.

    And then what? Is there life after LOST?

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