Official Podcasts — Recon, Dr. Linus, and Sundown

Josh Holloway in the "Making of" the Cool Water cologne videoCatching up on some of the ABC podcasts:

In this week’s video podcast, Josh Holloway talks about what is was like to play sideways Sawyer in Recon. He also talks about how the actors, when the show first started, never imagined it would be so successful.

And speaking of Josh Holloway, ABC also put out a promo full of clips of Sawyer, set to music:

Damon and CarltonIn last week’s audo podcast, Damon and Carlton talked about Sundown, raising the questions of whether Sayid was good or evil, and whether Dogen deserved what he got.

They talked about Dr. Linus, which Damon said was one of their favorite episodes of the season, if not the entire series.

They revealed something interesting about the episode title Recon: that it had a double meaning. It meant reconnaissance, but it also meant re-con, as in to con again.

They said that LOST: The Zombie Season will not be a Broadway musical, alas.

On a serious note, they said that the Man in Black may have gotten stuck in Locke’s form because that was the form he was in at the time that Jacob died.

Finally, Carlton got stymied by a viewer question about lactation.

This was the March 11, 2010 podcast, which you can find on the ABC site.

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