Poll: 6×08 Recon

I’m in the middle of moving and am staying, for the moment, at a friend’s house, and they don’t have a TV.

I know, the horror! The horror! 😉

I’m going to watch the episode on Hulu tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to talk amongst yourselves — and/or answer the poll, so I will know how much I should be looking forward to watching it.

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One response to “Poll: 6×08 Recon

  1. Well, I did enjoy that.

    I love that Sawyer was a cop in the sideways world. I loved the way it echoed (leaked from?) his time as LaFleur in Dharmaville — but even more, the way it seemed so plausible that this could be the way someone with his past might turn out.

    As Sawyer said, he came to a crossroads where he could have become a criminal or a cop. Either way would have been plausible — and we got to see both.

    It’s like one of those choose-an-adventure stories, where you pick what happens next, except that we get to pick all of the choices.

    As for the Island, what about that weird scene where Flocke tells Kate that his mother was crazy? Is that some kind of family curse that was somehow passed on to Feral Claire?

    I wonder if this might relate to my theory that Jacob/MiB were involved in patricide. Maybe it was matricide that was the original crime?

    All in all, very good episode. It didn’t hurt that we got to see two Sawyer love scenes.

    He had a lot of chemistry with Charlotte — but then he has a lot of chemistry with everyone.

    As for Widmore and Flocke being enemies — wouldn’t that seem to imply that Flocke and Ben would be on the same side? But of course they are not. So it seems that there may be more than two sides here — and that on the Island it isn’t necessarily true that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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