What did you think of 6×07 “Dr. Linus”?

So what did you think?

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2 responses to “What did you think of 6×07 “Dr. Linus”?

  1. Loved loved loved this episode. Michael Emerson is golden. He takes this deplorable character and makes you want to give him a *hug* for crying out loud. I loved both realities of Ben’s — he surprised me in both. And I LOVED the Jack/Richard scene. I titled my post “for the win”…lol. Just a great, great episode.

  2. I agree! I’m so glad that Ben got his moment(s) of redemption, at last.

    It was interesting the way the two timelines were so closely parallel. I wonder if one was influencing the other — and if so, which way the leakage was flowing.

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