LOST Valentine’s Day cards

These are great:

Valentines Day card Locke lost dont tell me what I cant do love

So funny.

And how cute is this one –>

Valentines Day card Hurley LOST Dude love


They’re designed by artist Lee Bretschneider, who posted them on LiveJournal, saying “Feel free to print them, give them to friends, post on FB walls, etc.”

In addition to the Locke and Hurley cards, he made cards with Sawyer, Jin, Sayid, Kate, Ben, and Jack. See them here: LOST Valentine’s cards, with a few more here: hellomightydog’s recent entries.

Editing to add: Found some more great cards:

Photo cards with captions, including Sayid saying “I’ll be your Republican Guard,” Ana Lucia saying “Crazy 4 U and crazy in general,” and Charlie saying “Addicted to you.” Ha! By designer Jenny of the blog Jennology. See them, and a lot more, here: TV Valentines (For the LOST cards, scroll down a bit past the “24” stuff.)

And here’s a super-catchy one:

LOST island valentine with numbers by Beavotron

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
4, 8, 15, 16,
23, 42

It’s by Alexandria Neonakis (beavotron). She’s also got Ben Linus saying “What about me, Valentine?” and more. See them here: beavotron on DeviantART

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