The Official LOST Audio Podcast — rehash “LA X” and prehash “What Kate Does”

Damon and Carlton

First audio podcast of the season. Damon and Carlton discuss:

— The space in the title “LA-space-X.” They’re not telling us what it means.

— What are the flash sideways? They’re not telling us what they mean either. Hah.

— Why they are not calling the flash sideways “alternate realties.” Or Bizarro World, for that matter.

— What are we to make of the differences between what happened on the plane in the flash sideways, and what happened when we originally saw it in the flashbacks?

They sort of answered this one! Detonating a bomb might have created changes other than the ones that Faraday anticipated. After all, if stepping on a butterfly can cause all sorts of unanticipated effects, then dropping a nuclear bomb on that butterfly could cause even more.

— Why does Jack seem to recognize Desmond on the plane? Was Sun lying when she said she didn’t know English? Carlton says he doesn’t know. 😉

Oh, here’s something very interesting –> Damon says:

You think that not that many things have changed, but a lot more things have changed than you probably think. And that’s going to be the exploration of the season.


Then they do a tiny bit of prehashing of 6×03 “What Kate Does”:

— The episode title corresponds to a previous one, What Kate Did (2×09).

And they answer fan questions. You can send your own to

You can listen to the whole podcast here: LOST Podcasts (it’s the one dated Feb. 4, 2010), or on iTunes.

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