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While I reserve the right to change my mind, I’m probably not going to be doing recaps this year. For one thing, my life is going to be chaotic for a while. I’m going to be moving back (and forth? and back?) across the country. But even if I had the time, I would still feel like I was reinventing the wheel — there are already so many great recaps out there, many of them much better than what I could do. Just to mention a couple for now:

One that I stumbled across for the first time this evening is by Lula on the blog Sussing Out LOST. Her recap of the first part of “LA X” (the second part is still to come) hits all the important points of the episode, catches details I had missed (Arzt and Frogurt were both on the plane) as well as subtle points I never would have caught in a million years (A character named Bram — as in Bram Stoker, author of Dracula — was killed with a stake through the heart!). Best of all, the recap is hilarious and made me laugh all the way through: Lula’s LA X recap.

My all-time favorite recapper is Fishbiscuit, who posts on her own blog, Fishbiscuitland, and also on DocArzt’s. Her recaps are brilliant, combining a keen eye for pattern and detail, amazing analysis, discussions of philosophy, science, and literature, which open up the episodes and tie them to the larger world of ideas, and a refreshing feminist perspective which I don’t think I’ve seen in any other discussion of LOST: Fishbiscuit’s recap of LA X.

There are many more fantastic LOST recappers, and I’ll be pointing to more of them as the season goes on.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Lula’s review. I agree with you about Fishbiscuit also. There is no one better. She puts Doc Jensen to shame IMO. Lots of thought and humor, minus the pretension, and unafraid to be critical when warranted.

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