Damon and Carlton talk about 6×01

notLocke in "LA X"

Jeff Jensen and Dan Snierson of Popwatch interviewed Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, who talked about how long they’ve had the idea of the flash-sideways, some of the differences between the Season 1 and Season 6 flight scenes, why they wanted to do the dual timelines, and more. Very informative! Read it here: Damon and Carlton Explain a Few Things About the Start of Season 6.

Darlton were also on Jimmy Kimmel tonight, where they were quite entertaining. Here it is, in two parts:

Picture of notLocke is from the scene near the end where he is talking to Ben. It’s from lost-media.com.

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2 responses to “Damon and Carlton talk about 6×01

  1. Oh wow. Thanks for sharing those. The Kimmel interviews were hilarious…I love that Kimmel is as much of a Lost geek as the rest of us. Hee!

    And oohhh, one of the commenters on the Popwatch site said that Juliet’s ramblings about getting coffee with Sawyer meant that she was already IN the alternate reality. And that dying on the Island was the only way to get to that Island. I think we’ve actually tossed that idea around before.

    I’m wondering if their cagey responses about Locke have anything to do with the much earlier episode where Locke got dragged off by the Smoke Monster. At least that’s what I remember happening. With all this NotLocke, RealLocke stuff, I’ve been wondering if he’s been NotLocke for longer than we thought?

    I think I’m more confused now…hee!

    • I hope that Juliet does get a chance to have a cup of coffee with Sawyer — as long as he continues to flirt with Kate in some reality! Hey, maybe he can be faithful to Juliet in one reality and have cage sex with Kate in another, thus making both the Skaters and the Suliet fans happy.

      Interesting thought about Locke being taken over by Smokie way back when. That might explain his uncanny knowledge of the Island in the early episodes.

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