Damon asks, “What if Oceanic 815 never crashed?”

Here’s another sneak peek from the Season 5 DVDs. It’s about Daniel Faraday, the Jughead bomb, time travel, and other Season 5 themes and concerns.

Listen, at the very end of the clip, where Damon Lindelof says:

We wanted to flirt with the idea of the erase button, of the do over. We thought this was a really cool place to bring the finale, which is, what if Oceanic 815 never crashed?

How much of a hint is that to what’s going to happen in Season 6?

Is it a hint that Season 6 really is going to be about an alternate timeline where Oceanic 815 will land intact in Los Angeles, as many fans already believe?

Or is this a bit of misdirection, to divert us from the writers’ actual plans, so that come next season, we will be surprised? When Damon says they wanted “to flirt” with the questions of Oceanic 815 never crashing, does he mean the kind of flirtation that will never be consummated?

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