The first course at LOST University is now available

LOST University, an elaborate ABC promo site, is now open for enrollment.

After you register, you get a 23-question multiple-choice placement exam which consists of interesting trivia questions about the show.

Some are easy:

Which of the following LOST characters shares their name with a famous philosopher? A. Kate Austen B. John Locke C. Hugo Reyes D. Ben Linus

But many are hard:

There is a picture in Widmore’s office which depicts a polar bear and what? A. A Buddha B. An Ankh C. A pyramid D. The Virgin Mary

I got 16 points out of 23.

How did you do?

Along with my score, I got the message “Sorry, looks like you need a little LOST refresher,” and was shown the video for LOST University’s first course, LOST 101.

Those of you who don’t want to get up early and slog through the rain to the lecture hall are in luck. An industrious student smuggled out a copy of the lecture and made it available for all his dorm mates all over the world — at least until the campus police track it down:

I enrolled in LOST U. under the name SawyersShirt, so wave if you see me in the hall.

Editing to add: Some people received an email that said “the first 108 graduates will receive a hand-signed diploma from LOST University Presidents Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.”

Editing again to add: All the answers to the placement test questions have been posted on DarkUFO.

And again: I’ve posted some screenshots and videos relating to the answers.

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9 responses to “The first course at LOST University is now available

  1. 21 out 0f 23 for me, got my student id

  2. Congrats on your great score!

    — SawyersShirt 🙂

  3. I got 18 out of 23…tested out of the first course and got my ID! Woohoo!

  4. 21/23 but I really want to know which I got wrong 🙁

  5. Congrats to all my fellow students!

    @bioariel, take a look at the link that’s at the end of the post — the one that goes to DarkUFO — they have all of the placement-test questions and answers there.

  6. I managed to get a 20. 🙂

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