Oceanic Airlines billboard shows up in “FlashForward”!

Sl-LOST has posted a screenshot from the pilot episode of “FlashForward” which shows a billboard, in the background, advertising LOST’s own Oceanic Airlines!

Oceanic Airlines billboard in the pilot episode of FlashForward

Oceanic Airlines billboard in the pilot episode of FlashForward


FlashForward, which stars LOST actors Sonya Walger (Penny) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie), will start on Thursday, September 24, at 8:00 (7:00 Central).

In other FlashForward news, the pilot episode has been leaked and is now available online on “several file-sharing websites.”

ABC also released the first 18 minutes of the pilot. The network is claiming that had always been their plan, but who knows.

Photo Credit: Detail from a screenshot posted on Sl-LOST.

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24 responses to “Oceanic Airlines billboard shows up in “FlashForward”!

  1. Oceanic Airlines has been used for many tv shows and movies before. but this time it might be kind of intended.

  2. I definitely think it was intentional. The logo on the billboard is the same as the one used in LOST.

  3. Just watched the “FastForward” pilot. Swear I saw Ben Linus” from “Lost” on a hospital operating table in the previews for future shows.

    • Ha ha. I don’t think that Ben is in this show, but wow that would be freaky if he was! 😉

    • It was definately Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) on the operating table in the sneak peaks. I watched it over and over and he’s unmistakeable.

      • which sneak peak are you referring to? do you have a link >?


        • The sneak peek was something that the network released last September, before the show had started. It was the first 18 minutes of the pilot. It’s no longer available as a “sneak peek,” but you can see the entire pilot (it’s called “No More Good Days”) on Hulu or on ABC, at least for now. It’s weird, because they only have 11 episodes up at the moment, but one of them is the pilot.

  4. On the TWoP boards, someone who was at a special screening tonight with Robert J. Sawyer, the author of the book Flash Forward, said that Sawyer, who was at the filming of the pilot, said that the Oceanic billboard was definitely a shout-out to LOST, and that the shows have the same visual-effects supervisor, Kevin Blank

  5. No duh it was intentional. You don’t just accidentally film something like that. They’re counting on the losties watching and are giving them an Easter egg.

    Ohhh I’m so excited!!! I very much hope this will last a bunch of seasons cause I’ll need something new when lost is over!!!

  6. Seeing the Oceanic billboard has inspired a theory for me. What if Lost and Flash Forward are interlinked? I know the producers keep saying that they are separate shows but now we see, and can plausibly argue, that the two shows exist in the same reality. What if the Flash Forward moment where everyone passes out was an incident occuring on the Lost island? Maybe the bomb going off? Histories altering…? In Lost, they keep saying how they are trying to save the world, and how what happens on the islandof global repercussions. The end of Lost could tie in with the April 29, 2010 date in Flash Forward, sort of like the passing of the baton.

    just a theory…

    • I was *soooo* thinking the same thing. I would adore if Flash Forward is about everyone off the island experiencing repercussions of events on the island. We grow to care for these new characters and eventually the stories overlap, so when Lost ends we have the same mythos but a new direction. While this may be my ultimate nerd-gasm, I doubt that’s what’s happening. The actress who played Penny is there but a completely different character. “Charlie” is there, and according to previews he “knows what’s happening”, but he’s probably a new character, too. 🙁 I’m more inclined to believe the billboard was an easter egg, although I *wish, wish, wish* it was your/our theory, because that would be bad to the ass.

    • I was thinking the same thing that the April 29, 2010 date was in correlation with the last episode of Lost and that the Oceanic billboard in the background of one of the scenes of Flash Forward is a clue to somehow interlinking both shows. How cool would that be??

    • defo linked to the quantum foam theory, what if the blackout occured at the same time the island shifted??

  7. Wasn’t Oceanic the airline that was hijacked in “Executive Action”? Sure looks like it to me!

    • Yes, it was! But with a different logo.

      Wikipedia says, “The original occurrence of Oceanic Airways was in the 1996 film Executive Decision. The film’s producers shot extensive footage of an actual Boeing 747 but with a different logo and livery to that used on the later Lost Oceanic flight. This stock footage has been reused in several films and television programs, spreading the Oceanic Airlines brand across various and unrelated fictional universes.”

  8. If my theory is true or has even a hint of truth, I’ll be looking for something in the second episode that could suggest a linkage between LOST and Flash Forward. Part of me wants this to be true…but if it’s nothng but a bunch of easter eggs….I guess that’s ok, too.

    • In my opinion, it is a bunch of Easter eggs, meant to get LOST fans excited about the new show.

      I think they couldn’t do a real cross-over because it wouldn’t be fair to people who didn’t watch both shows.

      Imagine someone who faithfully watched every episode of LOST for six years, only to find out at the very end that they missed an important piece of the puzzle because it was presented on another show they had never seen! They would be so mad.

      I do expect there may be more LOST-related Easter eggs on FlashForward, though, especially since the Special Effects guy is the same person on both shows.

  9. Oceanic also appears in Fringe on Fox.. its on the plane tickets in an early episode.

  10. The FF Oceanic Billboard has printed at the top, “Perfect Safety Record”. Even if it is an Easter Egg for FF, this could be a clue for the last season of Lost. Relative to the characters in Lost, on Sept 24th, 2009 (FF’s premier) the crash on the island will never have happened. Oceanic could not have printed that in advertizing otherwise.

  11. I don’t understand how relative to the LOST characters, the crash on the island “will never have happened” on Sept 24th. We don’t know what happened on/to the island aside from a large flash of light in last season’s last episode or how, if anything, it affected Oceanic 815 which crashed back in 2004 (both in our real time and in LOST island time).

  12. I don’t think that what happend on the island has a relation with FF. I’m also don’t think is the same universe, because Penny is not Penny, Charlie is not Charlie (and he is dead) and Cassidy isn’t Cassidy in this universe. How could you explain? three people on the entire world who are the same but aren’t related? I can found people who looks similar, but here is the same person (because is the same actor). I don’t bite it.


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