The complete list of “For a Reason” references

Detail from the Season 2 poster

Detail from the Season 2 poster

I missed the big group rewatch put on by DocArzt and Lostpedia, but I’m going to be starting my own little private rewatch this week, when I’ll be getting the DVDs from the library and watching LOST all over again from the beginning. I probably won’t be writing a lot of commentary (see Fishbiscuitland and the sites listed on the Lostpedia rewatch page if you want to read some terrific rewatch analysis), but one thing I want to do is keep track of all the references that are made to the LOSTies being brought to the Island “for a reason.”

“For a reason” is the phrase that inspired the name of this blog, and I think, more than any other LOST catchphrase, it captures what the central mystery of LOST is all about.

Whenever I come across a character saying that phrase while I’m rewatching the show, I’ll make a note of it here on this post.

I’m curious to see how many times the phrase will pop up.

We first hear Locke talking about “destiny” in his flashbacks in 1×04 Walkabout. It’s not quite “we were brought here for a reason,” but it’s working up to it.

1×05 White Rabbit is the first episode where the actual phrase was used, when Locke asked Jack “But what if everything that happened here happened for a reason? ”

“Everything happens for a reason” was the official slogan of Season 2! You can see the full Season 2 poster (from which the image on top of this post was taken) on Lostpedia.

This post is a work in progress. Check back for updates.

Last edit 10/30/09

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