Bumbershoot part 1: Sawyer’s hair versus Jin’s abs

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Damon and Carlton may not be conjoined twins after all!

Damon and Carlton may not be conjoined twins after all!

Last week, three LOST executive producers gave a talk at Bumbershoot, a large annual music and arts festival in Seattle. Jeff Jensen, of Entertainment Weekly, hosted the talk with producer/writers Carlton Cuse, Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. (Was this the first time Carlton Cuse was ever seen in public without Damon Lindelof by his side? Perhaps they are not conjoined twins after all.)

A fan shot a 3-part 2-part video. In this first part, you can’t see much, but you can hear what they are saying. The LOST folks answered questions such as: Why isn’t there more sex? Why does Jack remind us of that annoying guy we used to date, who always had to get up early the next morning to train for a triathlon? In a battle with Sawyer’s hair and Jin’s abs, who would prevail?

They also showed the 3 alternate-reality videos that they had shown at Comic-Con. Carlton said there were “some definite clues that are embedded” in them. (The videos are the Oceanic Airways ad, Hurley’s ad for Mr. Cluck’s, and Kate on “America’s Most Wanted”.)

Video by Alextsway

Picture of Chang & Eng Bunker, the famous “Siamese twins,” is a watercolor painting on ivory, done in the 1830s. From Wikipedia.

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