Michael Emerson talking about “The Incident”

Ben, to Jacob: "What about me?"

Ben, to Jacob: "What about me?"

I’m still thinking about The Incident.

The last official audio podcast of Season 5, released May 16, 2009, has an entertaining interview with Michael Emerson. He made me laugh again because he appeared to be as amazed by the episode as we were.  He said when he first read the script and saw he would be killing Jacob, he was shocked.

Emerson and his interviewer also talked about the first scene, the one with Jacob and the unamed man I like to call Esau.  The interviewer said that Jacob wearing white and the other man wearing black was a return to the theme of black and white that has appeared in the show before, but that he thought it didn’t necessarily mean that Jacob was good and the other man bad.

Emerson emphatically agreed, and he said, “Our show delights in thwarting those equations.”

I agree also. I’ve seen a lot of theories online that posit that Jacob represents the forces of good, and Esau the forces of evil, and they will have an epic confrontation in Season 6. But I don’t think that’s where the writers are going. At least I hope not.

Emerson also talked about his plans for the summer (now over, alas!). He said he likes to be with his wife Carrie in New York during the summers. They have an enforced separation while LOST is shooting, “so I just like to follow her around during the summer. I like to hold her coat, and fetch her drinks, and be her personal assistant as much as I can.” So sweet! I hope he got a chance to do just that.

He also mentioned he had just finished shooting the character of a radical fundamentalist Puritan in a show for PBS. That should be interesting!

There’s a lot more in the podcast, which is available in the ABC archives:  Official audio podcast of 5/16/09

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