Transcript now available for Damon, Carlton, Jack Bender’s talk in London

TV Overmind has posted a transcript of the July 3 London panel discussion with Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, and Jack Bender that I mentioned in my last post.


Season 6 will have 16 episodes, with the first and the last each being two hours.

They will start shooting Season 6 soon — on August 24.

Producer/writer Damon Lindelof

Producer/writer Damon Lindelof

Damon, on Jack and Locke and things happening “for a reason” (give that man a duck with $100):

I’m a huge fan of whenever Jack and Locke talk to each other. We’ve been very judicious in having those guys talk to each other. It happens very rarely. I go back to White Rabbit and that six or seven minute long scene where they’re just sitting in the jungle. And Jack says he’s following the impossible, and Locke says what if it’s not impossible and we were all put here for a reason. And that scene is the genesis for those guys’ relationship. And if you think about how that was the third episode shot out of the pilot, here we are now, 100 episodes later, and now Jack is finally saying “Y’know, Locke might be onto something.”

(I think this is the scene in White Rabbit that Damon was talking about):

Producer/writer Carlton Cuse

Producer/writer Carlton Cuse

Carlton, on how they write an episode (I love these little glimpses into the screenwriting process):

We spend a lot of time breaking each aspect of the story, and once we have the story worked out from beginning to end, we’ll put it up on whiteboard and then pitch it back to ourselves. And we’ll have scenes in different colors, with an on-island story, an off-island story, and a C-story, split it into six acts for the commercial breaks, and structure it so you’ll want to come back after each act. Then we’ll give it to some writers to rewrite and send back, and we’ll give our notes, make some changes.

Carlton, on destiny and how it relates to the writers themselves:

Q: You make a lot about the characters searching for their destiny and their purpose. Do you feel that you yourselves had a purpose in your own lives being involved in the show, or you’ve learned something about life from doing it?

Carlton: I think as writers we use the show to explore personal issues, spiritual or otherwise. We’re mainly concerned by how much faith and how much control do you have over your own destiny, something which is very fascinating to us… The writers’ room is diverse and that diversity gets worked out in the characters.

Damon, on the ending:

Q: I want to know about the end of LOST. Michael Emerson said in an interview this week that he suspects it will be quite bittersweet or melancholy. Is it going to be an upbeat ending or ambiguous? Just any kind of hint to the flavor of the ending.

Damon: All of the above. We are aspiring for an ending that is fair. Bittersweet comes with the territory. The ending will be different as for once, we won’t leave you on a cliffhanger. You will stay on the cliff this time.

On the cliff! Ha ha. I can’t wait.

Read the full transcript for lots more interesting tidbits.

Photos of Damon and Carlton from Lostpedia (not taken at the London event).

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