Who is Simeon Hobbes?

Simeon Hobbes' profile picture, The Eye of Horus aka Wedjat

Simeon Hobbes' profile picture, The Eye of Horus aka Wedjat

This looks like it’s the first of the post-season ARGs (alternate reality games).

There’s a message in Morse Code:

There’s a Twitter account, @simeonhobbes, which started sending out messages on Friday. At this moment, he has 2,035 followers, though I expect that number will increase dramatically as word gets out. The account has sent out mysterious messages, many of which mention Jacob.

Lostpedia has a lot more information.

Editing on 5/18 to add:

Twitter user Epithet Alpha is also in on it.

In addition to the main Lostpedia entry linked to above, check out the Lostpedia blog, which has more info and 127 comments so far.

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2 responses to “Who is Simeon Hobbes?

  1. Wow. Morse Code.

    Could Simeon Hobbes be the name of the Jacob counterpart?

  2. Yeah, Morse code. They’re not making this easy for us! Lostpedia decoded it, though: I AM THE BENNU BIRD, THE HEART-SOUL OF RA, THE GUIDE OF THE GODS TO THE TUAT.

    Now does that help? ;-))

    This could all be a hoax, a bunch of nonsensical messages. A lot of people think it’s a real “official” game though.

    Simeon Hobbes as the Esau guy — that’s a really interesting idea!

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