Major OMG moments in the Season 5 Finale

Things that made me say OMG when they happened:

OMG, I was right about the statue — it’s Taweret!

OMG, Jacob met Little Kate!

OMG, Jacob had something to do with Nadia’s death!

OMG, Sayid got shot in the stomach!

OMG Jacob is reading a book by Flannery O’Connor! (This is kind of a personal OMG, because Flannery O’Connor used to be one of my favorite writers, and a model when I was writing short stories)

OMG, Sun and Jin’s wedding vows were so sweet! (No OMG for Jacob being there and speaking Korean, because by this time, that was almost expected.)

OMG, I think Miles may have nailed it — the bomb will cause, not prevent, the “incident.”

OMG, the bomb didn’t go off.

OMG, Juliet fell down the hole! Noooooo!

OMG, Richard knows the answer to Ilana’s riddle.

OMG, Locke is in the box!

OMG, Michael Emerson is such a good actor! (“What about me?”)

OMG, Juliet is still alive!

OMG, the screen turns white.

OMG, How am I going to wait eight months for the next episode? OMG, OMG, OMG.

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7 responses to “Major OMG moments in the Season 5 Finale

  1. It’s not Tawaret, it’s Sobek.

    Hint: the egyptian cross in his/her hand.

  2. LOL! I was originally going to do a post just like this, because I couldn’t figure out how on earth I was going to write about the whole episode when so much happened…and then I started rambling on and on and on…

    Okay, you made me laugh about Locke in a box…and I just realized his name is John, so he could be a Jack in the Box…lol…

    I really want to know who Ilana is at this point. Obviously she knows Jacob, but from how far back? And she knows *of* Richard…who apparently has/had a different name…so confused.

    I actually felt sorry for Ben when he went on that rant…and then Jacob just totally dissed him. It’s a tribute to Emerson, because I shouldn’t feel sorry for Ben, he’s been a terrible terrible man. Gah.

  3. Richard is probably as old as the roman empire. That’s why he speaks latin.

  4. @TLP…ahhh, Latin. Well, that does clarify. Definitely doesn’t put him in super ancient times, which Jacob might be from.

  5. I knew before I even started watching the finale that I wouldn’t be able to write anything remotely coherent after it was over. I wasn’t planning on posting at all last night, except for maybe 1 or 2 sentences.

    Then, as I was watching it, I literally thought “OMG!” when they showed the statue, and then again when Jacob showed up in the Little Kate scene. Since I can’t remember more than one thing at a time, and there were now two things I wanted to remember, I thought I better jot them down. Then I thought there was a hook for a mini-post …

    I’d say of all the OMG moments in the entire finale, the first two were the most amazing to experience.

    Richard was speaking Latin when he gave the answer to Ilana’s riddle, but what language were Ilana and Jacob speaking when she was in the hospital? I’ll have to see what the hive-mind of the internet says.

    Speaking of the hive-mind, I see there is a controversy about the statue. When I saw the snout, I did a (mental) fist pump, and thought YES! That’s Taweret’s hippo face! But many people mention that the statue has crocodile teeth.

    Sobek, the crocodile God, is thought to be the husband of Taweret, and Taweret is sometimes depicted with a crocodile on her back. Could the Island’s statue by a hybrid of the two?

    Michael Emerson said in an interview that the statue is Taweret, an opinion he apparently formed from internet research, so it’s not necessarily definitive. But I’m thrilled to be on the same “side” as Emerson in the debate.

    I’m going to look into the statue more and do a full post about it.

    I’ll also probably do a recap later.

    — Ms T, whose brain matter has started slowly dripping back in

  6. I love how you did this as OMG moments. 🙂

    The revelation of NotLocke made me kind of sad, while at the same time doing an OMW! I really had enjoyed seeing how his character had evolved this season – become more confident and self-assured. Although there was a bit of arrogance too.

    NotLocke also helps to make a different picture come into play when you think of the scene in Follow the Leader where NotLocke is telling Richard exactly what to say to Locke.

    I can’t believe we’re going to have to wait until 2010 to find out what happens next! Arghh!

  7. Yeah, you’re right, if it was NotLocke telling Richard what to say to RealLocke, then that’s a whole different thing than if it was PresentLocke telling Richard what to say to PastLocke.

    I’m still holding out a bit of hope that RealLocke is not really dead. I loved the evolution of his character from the very beginning, and I hope it is able to continue, somehow.

    But then, I’m the person who was hoping that Faraday wasn’t really dead — so my predictions of not-deadness haven’t been too good so far. 😉

    2010 seems unimaginably far away!!

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